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Steam Game Festival returns next week with over 500 free demos

Six days is enough time to try out 500 games... right?

I hope you're ready to have more demos than you could possibly know what to do with thrust upon you, reader, because the Steam Game Festival returns next week. On February 3rd, Steam will be hosting livestreams and dev chats galore, and offering 500 free game demos for you to try. The real challenge is, can you play them all before the Festival ends on the 9th? Six days is enough time to play 500 games right? ...Right?

Judging from their little teaser trailer below, it seems there'll be demos of games like Fling To The Finish by Splitside Games, Black Book by Morteshka, Genesis Noir by Feral Cat Den, The Riftbreaker by Exor Studio, and tons more.

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Steam Game Festivals are short seasonal events where Valve's gaming platform hosts a bunch of livestreams and dev talks, and offers loads of free demos so people can try out new and upcoming games. The first ever Steam Game Fest was partnered with The Game Awards in 2019, but since then Valve have regularly run and hosted the Festivals themselves.

Back in August, Valve announced they had plans to hold Steam Game Fests seasonally. At that point they'd already done spring, summer and autumn editions, but it was cool to see they had plans to keep it going. If there's anything last year taught us, it's that digital events like this are great, and I'm glad companies like Valve are seeing the value in them. It's nice to have little things like this to look forward to when physical events are out of the question.

The Steam Game Festival kicks off next week, on February 3rd at 6pm GMT (10am PT), and runs until February 9th. Keep an eye on the website for more info - you can even set a reminder there so you're notified when the Festival begins.

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