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Steam’s Stealth Fest sneaks out a bunch of demos and deals, including half-price Hitman, Assassin’s Creed savings and much more

Make some noise (or maybe don’t)

Hitman 3's May 2022 roadmap delays Freelancer mode but moves the Ambrose Island map release forward
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Steam has snuck out its latest week-long sales event. This time, it’s a celebration of all things silent and potentially deadly worth making some noise about in the Steam Stealth Fest. Among the highlights are some pretty steep savings on Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, A Plague Tale and Sniper Elite, along with some indie stealth game gems to boot.

Steam’s Stealth fest runs from July 24th until 31st, and seems to be fairly generous in its definition of “stealth”, given that the fairly shooty-shouty Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Rainbow Six: Siege and the Far Cry series all make an appearance.

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Even so, there are plenty of sneaky stealth classics in the mix, with Hitman 3 seeing a half-price discount to under £30, horror game Outlast cut down by 85% to only a couple of quid and Batman: Arkham Knight similarly reduced by 80% to just a few pounds.

The many games in historical tourism-slash-stabby-face sim series Assassin’s Creed are variously reduced across the board, with recent highlights Origins and Odyssey down to under a tenner from their usual £50 price tag. Latest entry Valhalla sees most of its price knocked off at £12.49, while the older entries in the franchise will set you back from between a couple of pounds to just under £10 each.

If you prefer your brand of historical stealth game with lots and lots of flesh-eating rats, A Plague Tale: Innocence is discounted to under £7 from its £35 price tag, with last year’s sequel half price at just under £22.

A young girl and boy sneak up behind an archer in a quarry in A Plague Tale Requiem

It’s not all fast-paced stealthery, with turn-based games like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Phantom Doctrine and Ronin all getting a decent chunk knocked off their labels.

There are some multiplayer games in the list too, including this year’s competitive Deceive Inc. and the co-op creeping of Watch Dogs and Sniper Elite.

As you’d expect, the sales page on Steam has a tab for Steam Deck-compatible games and those that can be played in VR, such as the pretty brilliant Budget Cuts 2 and Alien: Isolation, a game that was plenty scary enough in reality-reality.

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Alongside the many sales and discounts, the Stealth fest is also offering up a bunch of demos for games both old and new, including the comic book-styled Liberated, both Hello Neighbor games, and indie Metal Gear Solid-parodying UnMetal.

Head on over to Steam to check out the entire Stealth Fest, which will stick around until July 31st. You'll be able to grab a free daily sticker during each day, too.

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