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Survival horror game The Callisto Protocol is coming in December

Now with a new gameplay trailer

The developers of survival horror game The Callisto Protocol have announced that it'll be coming out in December, and revealed a new gameplay trailer to watch with the sound off through your fingers.

Watch on YouTube

Thanks, I hate it.

For those of you who are more horror inclined than I am, however, there are some details over on the Playstation blog. (The gameplay and release date reveal were a part of Sony's definitely not E3 State of Play, but The Callisto Project is coming to PC, too.) Former Dead Space producer, now CEO of Striking Distance Studios, Glen Schofield, writes that The Callisto Protocol follows Jacob Lee, an inmate on a prison on Jupiter's moon, Callisto, as he deals with an outbreak of mysterious plague that turns the guards and other inmates into dangerous creatures.

Jacob will need to survive and escape, while also "uncovering the dark secrets of the United Jupiter Company." Surely there's nothing shady about a for-profit prison system that shuttles people off to frozen moons in space.

In the post, Schofield gets into some of what makes horror work, like atmosphere, audio, and tension. "You can’t have jump scares around every corner," he writes. "Sometimes we space scares out to give players time to catch their breath, and sometimes we hit them with two or three scares in a row." Great! Fantastic. Brilliant. I'm getting out of here before this blog post somehow throws up a screamer.

The Callisto Protocol will be coming to PC on December 2.

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