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TFT Set 3 champions: all the new origins and classes

All confirmed champions

Much like the previous season change, Teamfight Tactics Set 3 changes the entire roster of champions in the game. This time every champion is themed around the space theme, with some champions taking inspiration from established concepts from within the League of Legends universe. So expect to see cybernetic variants of Fiora, or the "Star Guardians" that have an uncanny resemblance to the Sailor Moon team.

TFT Set 3 champions guide

In this TFT Set 3 champions guide, we go over all of the new origins and classes that are coming to Teamfight Tactics in the new set (or season to the rest of us). Several champions have also been allocated to these traits, so we will be listing which ones are available for each one.

The new champions are not the only new things coming to TFT, as Riot have shown off details on another big change to the new season. Find out more about that in our TFT galaxies guide.

TFT champion list

So far, we only have a single post to go on when it comes to the confirmed champions and their traits for the new season. There are a total of seven origins and eight classes that have been revealed so far, with three of each being fully detailed.

Even though we don't know what most of the origins and classes do, we at least know some of the champions and their associated gold costs are. In the new season, we are seeing a few champions from the beta set returning with new abilities, as well as fresh faces from the League of Legends universe. Here are all of the confirmed champions in TFT Galaxies, and their associated origins/classes:

Synergy effectChampions with synergy
Celestial (Origin) All allies heal based on damage Celestial units deal.
  • (2): 12% of damage
  • (4): 25% of damage
  • (6): 50% of damage
Rakan Xayah Xin Zhao Ashe Kassadin Lulu
Chrono (Origin) All allies gain attack speed every 4 seconds.
  • (2): +15% attack speed
  • (4): +35% attack speed
  • (6): +70% attack speed
Thresh Wukong Blitzcrank Twisted Fate Caitlyn Shen Ezreal
Cybernetic (Origin) Cybernetic champions equipped with an item gain health and attack damage.
  • (3): +300 health and +30 attack damage
  • (6): +750 health and +75 attack damage
Leona Fiora Irelia Lucian Ekko Vi
Dark Star (Origin) When a Dark Star dies, it gives increased damage and previous stacks of this effect to the nearest ally Dark Star.
  • (3): +30% damage
  • (6): +60% damage
Shaco Mordekaiser Jarvan IV Karma Lux Jhin
Mech Pilot (Origin)
  • (3): At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilot champs are merged into a Super Mech until it dies.
Annie Rumble Fizz
Rebel (Origin) At the start of combat, Rebels gain a Health Shield for 8 seconds and increased damage for each adjacent Rebel.
  • (3): 125 Health Shield and 10% damage increase
  • (6) 200 Health Shield and 12% damage increase
Aurelion Sol Malphite Ziggs Sona Yasuo Master Yi Jinx
Star Guardian (Origin) Whenever a Star Guardian casts their spell, distribute mana among all the other Star Guardians.
  • (3): 30 mana distributed
  • (6) 50 mana distributed
Poppy Zoe Ahri Neeko Syndra Soraka
Space Pirate (Origin) 50% chance to drop gold or items whenever a Space Pirate lands a killing blow.
  • (2): 1 gold
  • (4) 1 gold and 10% chance to drop an item
Graves Darius Jayce Gangplank
Valkyrie (Origin)
  • (2): Valkyrie attacks and spells crit targets below 50% health.
Kayle Kai'Sa Miss Fortune
Void (Origin)
  • (2): Voids deal true damage.
Vel'Koz Cho'Gath Kha'Zix
Blademaster (Class) Blademasters have a chance to hit to attack two extra times.
  • (3): 25% chance
  • (6): 50% chance
Fiora Xayah Shen Yasuo Irelia Kayle Master Yi
Blaster (Class) Every fourth Blaster attack fires additinoal attacks which apply on-hit effects.
  • (2): +2 additional attacks
  • (4): +5 additional attacks
Graves Lucian Ezreal Jinx Miss Fortune
Brawler (Class) Brawlers gain bonus health.
  • (2): +250 health
  • (4): +750 health
Cho'Gath Vi Blitzcrank Malphite
Demolitionist (Class)
  • (2): Demolitionist's spells stun for 2.5 seconds.
Ziggs Rumble Gangplank
Infiltrator (Class) Infiltrators jump to the back of the enemy territory at the start of combat. Infiltrators gain 60% attack speed for the first 6 seconds of combat.
  • (2): Bonus active
  • (4): Bonus active and refreshes on takedown
Shaco Kha'Zix Fizz Kai'Sa Ekko
Mana-Reaver (Class) Mana-Reaver's attacks increase the cost of their target's next spell cast by 40%.
  • (2): Mana-Reaver's First attack
  • (4): All the Mana-Reaver's attacks
Thresh Darius Kassadin Irelia
Mercenary (Class)
  • (1):Mercenaries can be paid gold to upgrade their ability.
Gangplank Miss Fortune
Mystic (Class) Grants the team bonus Magic Resist.
  • (2): +30 Mag Res
  • (4): +120 Mag Res
Sona Karma Soraka Lulu
Protector (Class) Protectors gain a shield scaling off max health for 3 seconds whenever they cast.
  • (2): 20% Max Health Shield
  • (4): 40% Max Health Shield
Rakan Jarvan IV Xin Zhao Neeko
Sniper (Class)
  • (2):Snipers deal 12% increased damage for each hex of distance between themselves and their target.
Caitlyn Ashe Jhin
Sorcerer (Class) All allies gain increased Spell Power.
  • (2): +15% Spell Power
  • (4): +40% Spell Power
  • (6): +120% Spell Power
Zoe Ahri Annie Syndra Vel'Koz Twisted Fate Lux
Starship (Class)
  • (1): Starships continuously circle the arena and cannot basic attack.
Aurelion Sol
Vanguard (Class) Vanguards gain bonus Armor.
  • (2): +60 Armor
  • (4): +250 Armor
Leona Poppy Wukong Mordekaiser Jayce

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