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The Amazon Spring Sale cuts 56% off the legendary Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse

To the extent that PC peripherals can be considered legendary, at least

The Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson claimed that "the mark of a good action is that it appears inevitable in retrospect." Had he not died in 1894, he might’ve said the same thing about the Logitech G502 Hero showing up in Amazon sales events, although maybe it wouldn’t have sounded as profound.

That’s right, the G502 Hero – beloved by RPS readers, a longtime resident in our best gaming mouse list, and precursor to an inferior new model – is once again going cheap. A predictable development, albeit an entirely welcome one. This time it’s in the Amazon Spring Sale, with a better-than-half-price discount bringing it down to £35.

Logitech G502 Hero SE - £35 (was £80) from Amazon UK

Specifically, this is the G502 Hero Special Edition, though the only noteworthy difference between this and the all-black original G502 Hero is some extra white highlights. Fundamentally, it’s still the versatile and comfortable wired gaming mouse that’s been captivating fingers since 2018. A modern classic for sure – I’ve got one, and its contoured design and generous supply of customisable buttons really do keep it feeling as good as anything released more recently.

There are only two caveats here. Firstly, the G502 Hero is robustly built but absolutely not a lightweight mouse, and its set of adjustable weights only serve to make it heavier. I don’t have a problem with this myself, but you might prefer something airier if you want a mouse to flick around in twitchy shooters. Secondly, while £35 is a great price for the quality you’re getting, it’s also not the lowest that the G502 Hero has ever reached. You might, therefore, consider waiting until the next big sale (likely Amazon Prime Day in the summer) to see if it gets even cheaper.

Then again, it could just end up as £35 again, or Logitech might decide to break with tradition and skip a sale for once. This is inarguably a good deal as it stands, in any case; just be sure to make up your mind before 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 29th, when the Spring Sale ends.

For more potential hardware bargains, have a read of our Amazon Spring Sale PC gaming deals hub. I’m keeping it updated with only the choicest discounts, on kit that’s genuinely worth buying.

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