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The cheapest AMD GPU to come with a free copy of Starfield is this £186 RX 6600

But the RX 6650 XT at £225 is slightly better value...

asrock rx 6600 dual challenger d graphics card
Image credit: AsRock

What's the cheapest graphics card that includes a free copy of Starfield? That would be this AsRock RX 6600 8GB, available for just £186 shipped on Overclockers. This card is an ideal choice for 1080p gaming and has dropped in price consistently over the last few months, making it an even better value than it was in 2022.

For context, the RX 6600 is about equal with the RTX 3060 in terms of rasterised performance, putting it within striking distance of the RTX 4060 too. That translates to good frame-rates, often in excess of 60fps, in the latest AAA games with high settings.

The card also supports ray tracing and AMD's FSR 2 upscaling, giving you some much-needed tools to access higher-fidelity experiences and boost performance, respectively. With Starfield expected to only support FSR 2 and not alternatives like Intel's XeSS or Nvidia's DLSS, you're at least well placed to boost performance in one of the hottest upcoming releases of the year.

At this price point, there's little competition for the RX 6600, so if you've got a strict £200 budget I'd definitely recommend picking up this deal. If your budget is more flexible though, the RX 6650 XT does offer a ~25% boost to rasterised performance while costing only 20% more, so value can still increase by ascending the GPU tier ladder... Keep your mind open, is what I'm saying!

No matter which GPU you go with, remember to claim your free copy of Starfield - that's around a £60 savings versus buying the game on launch.

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