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The Division 2 is bringing the heat to New York City later this month

Grilling the big apple

Who wants to be in D.C., anyway? Forget the politics, Forget the media buzz. The Division 2 has had enough, ditching the capitol for a two-mission trip to New York City's Coney Island. See the sights, ride the rights, and extrajudicially murder a riverboat's worth of masked mercenaries. Episode 3 is sending agents off to the fair later this month, to finally see about curing that nasty virus wot killed most of America and left thousands of rare assault rifles in everyone's bins.

A full rundown of Episode 3 will likely arrive closer to release, but here's a hot little story trailer to tide you over 'til then.

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Ubisoft haven't yet launched their usual big official rundown post for Episode 3. They have, however, discussed plans in a State Of The Game stream, which has been viciously dissected by fans over on The Division subreddit.

On top of new exotic guns, players will soon have access to a new "Firewall" class that lets hotheads pick up a flamethrower. That also comes with a package of new skills and buffs meant to get you and your team up close and toasty. These include the ability to dual-wield both a shield and your firestick, strolling out of Homebase like an angry walking barbeque.

The usual sods in Black Tusk are playing the antagonists once again. They're not the only nasties out for a day on the island, though. The Cleaners, a gang of garbagemen-turned-arsonists from the first game, have returned - angrier and more tooled up since you (probably) used their boss' corpse to grind for loot way back.

That'll be where all the pyrotechnics came from, then.

It's a shame all that heat's thawed out New York City. The Division's frostbitten Manhattan was a beaut, and I happily spent hours wandering its snow-dappled streets - shutting car doors and combat-rolling into snowdrifts. Embodying a secret fascist and shooting blokes in hoodies was more of an afterthought.

Robin Klengel & Leonhard Müllner's Operation Jane Walk, which I caught at last year's A Maze festival, follows that line to its endpoint - exploring Ubisoft's interventions on New York's urban landscape through a pacifist tour of the city.

Episode 3 arrives later this month. Season Pass holders will, as usual, get access to new missions a week before everyone else.

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