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The Division 2 temporarily disables daily and weekly Projects

Waiting on a fix...

Ubisoft have temporarily disabled The Division 2's 'Project' quests due to an issue which let players repeatedly claim rewards and--heaven forbid!--get more loot than intended. They tried to fix this on Sunday with an emergency server restart but that didn't work, so the Projects are disabled until a full fix is in place. I hope you're happy, you rotters. By squeezing more loot out the online looter-shooter than you were supposed to, you've taken loot away from everyone. Booooo.

"In order to fix an issue where daily and weekly projects could repeatedly award players with rewards we had to restart the servers without prior notification," Ubi tweeted at 3pm on Sunday afternoon. "We apologise for the inconvenience."

Projects are a type of quest which rotate daily or weekly, offering handy wee rewards for tasks like resupplying settlements, chasing away baddies, and such - the everyday (and everyweek) business of keeping people alive in a post-apocalyptic city. They're meant to be a trickle of loot, not a torrent gushing goodies all over your guy.

A few minutes later, Ubi followed-up with "Correction: We're currently unable to fix the issue with the server restart, therefore we're disabling the daily and weekly projects for the time being."

They'll track progress on a fix in this forum thread.

And that's why you can't do Projects right now.

Ubisoft are also currently investigating the mysterious scarcity of ammo drops for 'signature' weapons.

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