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The Division's Survival Expansion Hits Public-ish Beta

Wrap up warm!

For a game about scraps of society trying to survive inside an snowy quarantine zone, The Division [official site] doesn't have much, y'know, survival. That'll change with the multiplayer shooter RPG's second expansion, Survival. It'll add survival, yeah, in the usual modern survival game ways. Pleasantly, for folks who don't like the dickholery that survival games can bring out in players, it will have the option for safe PvE cooperative play. The expansion isn't out yet but, along with the next big update, is briefly playable in a public beta for Divisioneers.

The expansion's Survival mode will see 24 players caught in a snowstorm, scavenging for warm clothes, food, water, and medicine. Survival! New enemies, the Hunters, will be after them too. This here trailer sets a mood but is, of course, little like how it'll play:

Cover image for YouTube video

Update 1.5 and Survival are now live on the public test server, though you will need to own the expansion (season pass, right?) to play Survival. You've got until Sunday, November 13th to play with it.

The PTS patch notes are over here. You'll find details on special Named Gear, balance tweaks, bug fixes, and more.

For actual Survival action, check out yesterday's dev stream. I would embed the archived video, for your convenience, but Twitch's player has the ha-ha-hilarious idea to start playing videos by itself.

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