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The Elder Scrolls Online's First DLC Visits The Imperial City

Oblivion all over again

Now that The Elder Scrolls Online [official site] has dropped its subscription fees (that came only eleven months after launch), it's getting settled into typical subscription-free MMORPG practises.

TESO's first "DLC game pack", The Imperial City, will launch on August 31st. It'll bring new lines of story, more quests, new areas, new dungeons, extra monsters, extra craftable items... you know, DLC stuff.

You'll get to fight new monsters in new places - ones that'll seem familiar from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - while gaining new loot and new ranks and oh, I don't know, it looks like TESO continuing to be mediocre. It won't be DLC to lure in new players, but it might please current ones. I know I've always found fighting in big cities quite exciting in RPGs: they don't usually let you do that.

The DLC is free to folks who pay for the the optional 'ESO Plus' subscription and its assortment of perks and boosters, or it'll cost 2,500 crowns in the game's virtuacash store - around £12.50 in realcreds. Given that a month of ESO Plus costs £9, I imagine they're hoping folks will choose to pay for premium membership and end up keeping it going.

Arriving alongside The Imperial City will be a big patch for TESO, ZeniMax explain. It'll speed up the levelling process with hearty XP boosts, and rebalance, tweak, and improve a lot in general. Have a read if you're curious.

Anyway, here, have a trailer showing off The Imperial City:

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