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The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 18: Gollum's very sorry, precious


Gollum holds a chick in his hands in The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Daedalic Entertainment

The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum turned out to be a hot mess. Who knew? The Electronic Wireless Show podcast is on hand to do a dramatic reading of the developer apology post, and talk about the reception to the game - plus our favourite Lord Of The Rings Games, and our favourite apologies. In a shocking twist, James turns out to not be a LotR fan. He is useless to me. I will let you know when we discover things he does like.

We've also been playing some video games this week, how about that! Including the click-fest game of the moment, the remake game of the moment, and a whole other thing I hadn't heard of. So actually James does have a use after all. Plus: he finally got hold of a ROG Ally!

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

We record on a Tuesday so some things may have changed by the time you listen to this.

This week we've been playing Diablo IV, System Shock and After Us, making us the most current and on trend that we've ever been. Recommendations this week are Architects' live album For Those Who Wish To Exist At Abbey Road, and the band Durry, who have a really cute song about being a tall man.

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