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The Fall Guys devs are discussing a level editor, but warn it's a "huge undertaking"

But I want more beans!

Fall Guys came out last week and took the world by freak jelly storm. Over two million people have played it on Steam alone, which strikes me as an appropriately silly number for a game where 60 beans must complete ridiculous obstacle courses. As I just said in my Fall Guys review, the first few hours are a treat.

Sadly, I'm nearly ready to stop Falling. The handful of maps and mini-games quickly get repetitive, and I make a big deal about how much a level editor could stave off bean-nui. Good news! The devs have been chatting about adding one. Bad news! It's a "huge undertaking" that doesn't seem likely to appear anytime soon.

Lead designer Joe Walsh mentioned Mediatonic's internal chats in a Reddit response. There is enthusiasm, but also hesitation:

"We're discussing it a bit but it's a huge undertaking- we just use Unity to build our levels so it's not like there's a tool we can just send to players unfortunately. There are also lots of complexities around things like curating that content, figuring out how to surface the best stuff, etc so we'll likely be working on it for a while (if we choose to start it) it's a really exciting idea though and I'd love to do it one day."

I get it and I don't. It does sound like this would involve a tonne of work, but oh my, I want infinite Fall Guys. For me the well of joy ran dry almost as soon as I stopped being surprised, which will always be just around the corner for as long as Mediatonic stick with super-polished developer maps. Players are already figuring out routes and strategies for the current maps, which is anathema to a game that thrives on unpredictable chaos. Still, I'm glad to hear it's on the table.

In the meantime, I am also pleased to see that new official maps will come "ASAP". Those will absolutely lure me back for a bit, and I'm keen to see what ideas Mediatronic have been keeping up their sleeves.

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There are other bits and bobs to be gleaned from this roundup of dev responses on Reddit. The sea-saw level (possibly the best level) is due some tweaks, with the aim of creating more moments of teamwork and fewer moments of 'oh I'm completely stuck'. They're going to make the final showdown level harder, too, and fix the level-picker so it doesn't serve up a team game when there are an uneven number of players.

It's cool that they're considering upping the party size from four. They say they're wary of big groups griefing other players, which is fair, but personally I'm more wary of sacrificing antics on the altar of competitive integrity. Just let five of us dick around on the dominoes, plz.

You can grab Fall Guys from Steam for £16/$20/€20.

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