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Overwatch's new Paris map has some ace pianos

Bach to basics

Bonjour, my little cauliflowers. The new Overwatch map klaxon is a-clanging, summoning us all to the glitz and glamour of Parisian street murder. In a pre-Valentine's surprise, Blizzard popped Paris on the public test servers last night. Are they gearing up for some grand Valentine's Day event? Hopefully.

In the meantime, here is a neat piano and a robot singer.

Here's Blizzard's rundown of Paris, along with some relatively minor balance tweaks.

I just went for a little swing around the new map. It's nice, if perhaps a little too open. There are lots of buildings and archways for Hammond to grapple on, which is the main thing I care about nowadays - and the first capture point has a river behind it, so the punt potential is strong. I'm more enamoured with the fluff, though.

You know, the classic Blizzard fluff. Smashable ice statutes. Playable pianos.

Cover image for YouTube video

Better yet, there's a robot cabaret singer that entertains the attacking team as they spawn. It's a waiting area in a multiplayer game, so the entertainment is less about hearing her sing and more about hopping around inanely and watching her react to being shot at. This is what she's supposed to sound like.

Cover image for YouTube video

Paris is the second map in a row to treat us to a music-infused spawn area, which is a trend I'd be happy to see continue. I'm not sure this tops Reinhardt karaoke, and it's sort of been overshadowed by me just discovering that you can get Hammond to squeak along to the Overwatch theme. Still. The cabaret can stay.

Blizzard have yet to say when Paris will break out of the test servers.

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