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The time of the mecha-shark is upon us in upcoming Besieged expansion The Splintered Sea

If your timber shivers, you’re building it wrong

a wooden shark eats a regular shark in Besiege
Image credit: Spiderling Studios

The Splintered Sea is an upcoming expansion for beloved battlements blasting building game Besiege, taking its so far decisively land-based action to the high seas for some aquatic anarchy. You’ll be able to pit your custom war machines rudder to fin with enemy fleets and underwater nemeses when it launches May 24th on Steam.

Among its offerings, the upcoming expansion promises an “oceanic campaign” spanning ten levels, and eight new blocks for building things like rudders, floats, and harpoons. Drop anchor and dock your eyes on the trailer below. The trailer features a wooden shark testing its might against some now obsolescent flesh sharks. The flesh sharks do not fare well.

Here’s some more features, as per the press release, that I don’t want to chop up because they seem dense. Also I don’t want any Besiege-heads to shout at me or come turn my green recycling bin into a trebuchet and fire burning pitch through my letterbox. Not saying you’d do that. You seem like a lovely bunch. “it is a very good game. enjoy ur day whoever u are,” reads one of Besiege’s overwhelmingly positive Steam reviews. I absolutely will now.

Immersive Water Simulation: Play with hydrodynamics, including shape-dependent drag, density-based buoyancy, and higher-speed impacts, offering a realistic and engaging aquatic building experience.

Brand New Sandbox: Explore a rugged archipelago, challenge mighty galleons, terrorize local fishermen, and navigate treacherous waters in a sandbox built specifically for The Splintered Sea.

Multiplayer Madness: Engage in multiplayer combat with friends, create custom levels with the in-game editor, and unleash chaos in Besiege's water-filled arenas.

Jay Castello found a lot to like in our review of Besiege. “While I’ve been writing this, I’ve still been playing Besiege, in a way. Ideas for new creations have been bubbling away under the surface of my mind, just waiting for me to hop back in and build them.” Based on this new trailer, I’m starting to get a few ideas of my own, none of which are likely to end well for the flesh sharks.

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