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The Weekly Updates Update: mech legs, Mountaintops, and cool UIs

Patch me up

In all the hubbub of the week, you might've missed some of the patches and updates rolled out to games. Presenting the Weekly Updates Update, a noncomprehensive roundup of new maps and characters and balance tweaks and fixes and such which caught my eye over the week - including a few we haven't posted about.

Overwatch rolled out Role Queue to Quick and Competitive Play

So you can escape teams with six bickering DPS players.

The Light Keeps Us Safe left early access

With difficulty levels, tweaked procedural level generation, and performance improvements, the spooky sci-fi stealth 'em up has hit version 1.0 and left early access.

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Dota Underlords

Alchemist, Bloodseeker, Crystal Maiden, Sand King, and Tusk have new two-star and three-star looks. Few balance tweaks and all.

Distance launched its Horizon Update

This brought new levels, new things to play with in the level editor, bug fixes, and other bits and pieces.

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Path Of Exile launched its Blight expansion

This added a tower defence-ish mode to the action-RPG.

Green Hell added its story campaign and left early access

Also see our Green Hell review for an opinion on the Amazonian survival game as a whole.

Rust has added the Scrap Transport Helicopter

What a charmingly cruddy copter.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 has cross-platform saves with the new Switch edition

Pick it up on both Steam and Switch and you'll be able to swap a saves back and forth to continue the same adventure at home and on the go/sofa.

Wuppo now has two-player cooperative multiplayer

Take a pal along in this delightful platformer's new Definitive Edition update.

Astroneer added jetpacks

The 'Exploration Update' also brought glowsticks and a wee camera.

Destiny 2 made The Mountaintop easier to get

You now face a whole lot less grinding to get one of the top current weapons, though you'll still need to hit a good Competitive rank in the quest.

MechWarrior: Living Legends is still kicking

The mod has added new mechs, new maps, and more in its latest patch. Apparently they've reverse-engineered how to add new legs, which has been a technical hurdle for some time? Good news, leglovers.

Observation now lets you change computer screen languages to, y'know, look cool

"Switch language in the main menu to Japanese and play in EXTREME DIFFICULTY mode where you cant read any of the text, but it looks smart af," developers No Code say. Russian looks good too.

Disclosure: RPS co-founder Jim Rossignol is one of the big lads at The Light Keeps Us Safe studio Big Robot.

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