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The Witcher: No Sequel Yet, But More Stuff

And the award for Most Prosaic-Ever RPS Headline goes to...

All's been a bit quiet around well-received, dodgily-translated blood'n'boobs'n'moral deliberation RPG The Witcher for a while, with its fans hoping E3 might offer news of a follow-up. No such luck, unfortunately, but there is more Witcher inbound - the 1.5 patch, which promises two rather exciting changes. Also, CD Projekt RED's cavalier mention of a "Director's Cut" will doubtless fuel a speculatory fire.

Witcher 1.5, to the great delight of techno-fearful men the world over, removes all DRM from the game - including even the disc check. Obviously less exciting for owners of the Steam version, but disc-jockeys will be pleased.

As well as that, it includes five new adventures - apparently made by the fans. Not sure as yet if those are already available from the internet wilderness, or if they're brand new. Nice for a freebie either way, certainly.

Then there's this whole Director's Cut business. CD Projekt are being incredibly cheeky there, giving no details bar the name - which, specifically, will be the remarkably cumbersome "The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut." 'North American gamers' are mentioned specifically, which may mean half of gamingdom is set to explode in fury at some point, but we'll see. So what does this mean? How does one enhance an Enhanced Edition? There's still perhaps room for better English voicework, while an option to deactivate those infamous smutty cards would please those who found them tawdry and jarring. What else, fellows?

Anyway - that 1.5 patch is tagged 'coming soon', and apparently will be applied to all versions of the game. More details as and when.

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