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Thomas The Tank Engine has already been made into a ship in Starfield

Players are recreating some wild spacecraft, from iconic Star Wars and Halo ships to abstract shapes

Image credit: Bethesda / MrCaine332

Cursed ship designs were always an inevitability with Starfield, and after two full days in the wild, players have already made some wildly funky and plainly cool ships. Scrolling through social media channels, you’ll find that players have hammered away at their own unique designs while also creatively remaking other iconic vessels from Mass Effect, Star Wars, Halo and, of course, our friend Thomas The Tank Engine. There’s also been a shocking lack of, uhm, male organ-shaped spacecraft which makes putting this post together much less hard. But for now, onward! Let’s admire some cool ships.

The Unbeatable

Image credit: Bethesda / Morfalath

Let’s start with the Unbeatable Ship, an angular contraption that’s all about the corners. The Unbeatable actually lives up to its name since enemies will always target your ship’s centre - the Unbeatable is centreless, hence the name. Inside, the ship is a maze filled with claustrophobic pods and ladders. Should the Federal Bureau Of Control ever spit out a space vessel, it would probably look something like this. Here’s the YouTube tutorial from creator Morfalath.

The Black Pearl

Image credit: Bethesda / SnaKeMuho

Next up is a quite literal ship, the Black Pearl from Pirates Of The Caribbean. The merchant ship probably sails smoother on water, but just crank up the air con, close your eyes, and pretend you’re on the high seas. Ahh. Here’s the YouTube tutorial from SnaKeMuHo.

Tomas The Freaking Tank Engine from Thomas The Tank Engine

Image credit: Bethesda / MrCaine332

Thomas The Tank Engine has invaded countless games, sticking out like a supernova in Resident Evil, for instance. The British locomotive has now been recreated by MrCaine332. I really enjoy how the train's eyes are stuck in a kinda squint.

Giant Space Crab

Image credit: Bethesda / vwinks

Fight Crab has some interstellar competition with this giant mecha crustacean. The above screenshot looks like a semi-standard ship with two pincers bolted on, but creator vwinks shared some more dramatic shots in the thick of a sandstorm. Very cool.

Space Train

Image credit: Bethesda / lemonprincess

This ship isn’t even fit for purpose, but should the space train ever get on track, it’ll be a sight to behold. Think of all the precious storage space. My encumbered pockets are already excited. Redditor lemonprincess has more angles here.

Magic School Bus from Magic School Bus

Image credit: Bethesda / sp7r

Fast travel - to the best of my knowledge - is unavailable to NPCs. If your child happens to go to school in another system then this ship might be their only form of transport. Certainly not a safe trip to make, but it’s probably still more reliable than a TFL train. Creator sp7r recreated the lovely design from the ‘90s cartoon Magic School Bus.

Planet Express from Futurama

Image credit: Bethesda / sp7r

Sp7r is somewhat of an expert engineer at this point, since they also recreated Futurama’s Planet Express. According to the original Reddit post, the colourful vessel has zero mobility and won’t put up much of a fight against space bandits that hate Futurama. The Planet Express is more of a cargo ship to impress your mates with, then.

Borg’s Cube from Star Trek

Image credit: Bethesda / IngeniusIdiocy

Star Trek’s ominous cube-shaped ship is an impractical craft. Creator IngeniousIdiocy even admits that it sometimes “blocks the camera.” But hey, the fact that a shape like this can even fly is an accomplishment. Stumbling upon a floating box would probably make me wet myself, so all in all, a job well done.

Consular-Class Cruiser from Star Wars

Image credit: Bethesda / DaMightyMilkMan

Social media surfers have likely seen plenty Star Wars ships recreated in Starfield. Why not!? Star Wars ships are admittedly cool and their recognisability probably pushes them in the algorithms. But choosing to highlight a Millennium Falcon or an X-Wing just feels extra lazy. So. Here. Take a look at this Consular-Class Cruiser from creator DaMightyMilkMan. The Clone Wars really did have some nice designs, didn’t it?

Forward Unto Dawn from Halo

Image credit: Bethesda / VantaGenesis

Halo is another science fiction mammoth with a whole host of unique spacecraft. But again, I didn’t want to go with the obvious Pelican vessel. Instead, here’s the gigantic UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. You might recognise the ship from the ending of Halo 3, as Mister John escapes and falls asleep on the half-destroyed ship. Tutorial's on YouTube from VantaGensis.

I’m sure Starfield players will continue to make wonderfully weird ships in the days/weeks/years to come. Bethesda announced that 6 million players had jumped aboard on the game’s first full day in stores - that number will balloon along with the number of pretty vessels - making it their biggest launch ever. For now, readers, tell me. What have you guys created? What do you hope to see? How long until we get good-quality penis ships?

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