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Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Extended Til Feb 2nd

Servers to close at 11am GMT

I remember when everything between January and May was a wasteland, but nowadays you'd be forgiven for not having had the chance to try The Division's closed beta this weekend even if you did get in. Maybe you were playing The Witness, Darkest Dungeon, Dragon's Dogma or building a spreadsheet of names to give your XCOM 2 soldiers. Or maybe you simply hadn't read Adam's hands on to understand why you should bother.

Good news! Said beta has been extended by 24 hours so it will now cease on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11am GMT, 12pm CET, 6 am EST and 3 am PST. If you've received an invite, then there's still time.

Oh no. I usefully put all the information above the more tag, which means there's little else to say. Why are you still here?

I guess I can add that the announcement post mentions that they've invited new players to the game throughout the weekend, and that they were now "inviting as many players as possible from the waitlist, in addition to those who had guaranteed pre-order access." If you were part of the much smaller alpha Ubisoft ran last month, you might also like to check the patch notes to see what's changed since.

Haven't you skipped down to the comments yet to express your thoughts on the beta? OK, I guess I could also share a representative quote from Adam's thoughts linked in the intro. Maybe this bit:

"The aforementioned Dark Zone is my favourite part of the game, and the extraction mechanic that is a fundamental part of that zone might well be the embellishment that elevates the game into something truly desirable. The Dark Zone is a contaminated area, a huge chunk of the map that has been sealed to prevent the spread of infection. You can enter at any time, with no loading screens to interrupt your session, and the area is layered so that the deeper you venture, the more likely you are to run into groups of lethal enemies."

Yeah, that's good. Let's call it quits here and I'll let you get along to Sin's Have You Played.

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