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Total Warhammer shows off free Bretonnia faction DLC

Zut alors!

In case you'd forgotten, Total Warhammer [official site] will add an extra playable faction to the Grand Campaign in a free update next week - Bretonnia. While they are already in Total Warhammer, this is their full and grand arrival. But what are these fantasy Frenchmen into? Fairytale castles, chivalry, Arthurian legend, and hippogryphs, going by a new trailer Sega have popped out. Have a watch:

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When the Bretonnia DLC launches free next Tuesday, February 28th, it'll bring them overhauled and expanded to the Grand Campaign. They're boasting three new Legendary Lords, new heroes, extra units, and a little Bretonnian flair.

Bretonnia being so into chivalry, they get it as a unique mechanic. The DLC's Steam page explains:

"As you perform certain actions, such as winning heroic victories in battle and completing quest chains, your chivalry rises, bringing with it benefits such as higher control (keeping your peasant population content and pliant), bonus unit experience and a reduction in corruption. Other actions, such as warring with other Bretonnian factions and sacking settlements, can reduce your chivalry. Low chivalry levels bring negative factors to your campaign, such as reduced Control and army Leadership. In extremis, this can contribute to rebellions across your provinces."

High chivalry also lets lords temporarily summon the Green Knight to rumble, and takes the Bretonnia campaign towards its endgame battle of The Errantry War.

The Lady of The Lake watches over 'em too. Sega explain, "Any Lord and his attendant army who achieve a Heroic Victory in battle will receive The Blessing of The Lady, and will thenceforth receive a Ward Save for future battles."

Their economy has a few quirks too, being built upon peasants.

The DLC is due to officially launch free alongside a new Total Warhammer boxed edition on Tuesday but -- shhh! -- Sega will give it a day early to players who sign up for Total War Access. Don't tell Ian GameStop!

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