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Horny: Total Warhammer Beastmen Expansion Is Out

Honk if you're horny

Those boisterous Beastmen are now stomping around in Total Warhammer [official site], thanks to today's release of the 'Call of the Beastmen' expansion. It'll cost you £14 to play as that horny rabble yourself but, even if not, they can now appear as opponents in the Grand Campaign. A fairly big free update has launched alongside the expansion, also bringing oodles of fixes and tweaks, drafting the Amber Wizard hero unit for the Empire, adding new multiplayer maps, and more. But back to the Beastmen: here, you can watch a bit of them in action.

Here's what they get up to on the campaign side:

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And here they are having a good ol' scrap:

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Call of the Beastmen introduces the cloven-hoof crew as a playable faction with heaps of their own units and abilities and things. They get a story campaign of their own, named 'Eye for an Eye', and obvs are playable in other modes too.

The expansion is £13.99/17,49€/$18.99 on Steam. That seems a touch pricey but hey, it's not mandatory.

Over in the realm of the free, Update 2 is now out. It fixes and tweaks oods and ends, as patches will, but also includes free extras. The Beastmen become potential Grand Campaign opponents, four new multiplayer maps are in, Sarthorael the Everwatcher becomes a playable Lord, and the Empire get the Amber Wizard. This magical boy can ride a griffon and is the only non-Beastmen unit able to use their Lore of Beasts line of spells, which include summoning crows to peck at eyes, transforming into a manticore, and buffing allies with bonus speed, damage resistance, and damage. I'd mostly be in it for the crows. Here he is:

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