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Total War: Warhammer Trailer Shows Campaign Map 

A bit

I've yet to watch any of the Total War: Warhammer trailers, because I know nowt about Warhammer and so normally leave that kind of thing to Adam. I do like a good map though, and the latest trailer shows the game's campaign map for the first time in between scenes of battle.

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This brief glimpse will be followed up next week with a more detailed walkthrough, presumably showing how angry Orcs like to manage their cities and distribute supplies and the like.

There have been about a dozen videos of the game thus far, either introducing new races or walking through the real-time battles. It looks very pretty, although it's worth noting that the above footage is technically an "in-engine cinematic" so maybe not reflective of what the campaign map will look like in the finished game. Props to Creative Assembly, however, for being so clear about their trailer terminology.

The big angry Orc screaming at the end of the trailer is Grimgor Ironhide, by the way. Adam is unwell today which is why we're all stuck with me writing this post.

Total War: Warhammer [official site] is The Creative Assembly smooshing the turn-based and real-time battles of their normally historical Total War series against the orcs and goblins of Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy series. That's the one that doesn't have Space Marines, I think.

Get well soon, Adam. Total War Warhammer is due for release on April 28th 2016.

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