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The Imperial March: Total Warhammer Campaign Vid

For the Emperor!

The more I see of Total Warhammer [official site], the more I know that I'm going to struggle to resist its charms even if it's an imperfect creation. The latest dev walkthrough shows an Empire campaign walkthrough, picking up at the 71st turn and giving an overview of various features, and a tour of the current worldstate. There are Vampires on the borders and Chaos is encroaching from the north.

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Given how much of my time XCOM 2 is taking up at the moment, I think I'd be distressed to switch to a game that didn't let me rename characters, so it's good to see that I'll be able to name my generals after friends and foes. I'm also a fan of what we've seen of the interface so far - the build and upgrade menus are relatively plain but they're also clean. I hope they don't become any more cluttered before release.

It's a shame we don't get to see a transition from campaign map to battlefield here, mostly because I want to see the Empire taking on the Vampire Counts. I'm going to worry about that chap scouting in the Chaos lands as well - he doesn't seem particularly well prepared to face whatever he might find up there.

He's had fair warning though. The Undead and Chaos alike corrupt the land around them, and I like that imprinting of a faction onto the map. I always enjoy watching colours spread across the map when I play a Paradox grand strategy game, or zoom out to a distant Civ view. This feels like a more characterful version of the same.

We've already seen some Greenskin Campaign footage, which you can compare to the Empire playthrough by clicking here. I've also been a bit grumpy about the preorder situation, as were others. Creative Assembly responded to concerns a while ago, as we reported at the time.

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