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Total War: Warhammer - Meet Vargheists, Terrorgheists

Look, I'm not going to even try to pretend I know anything about Warhammer but I know people are Interested and thus I am bringing you videos about "Vargheists" and "Terrorgheists" from the upcoming Total War: Warhammer [official site] game. Think of me as a friendly postwoman, arriving with a package of winged terrors that someone else wanted to send you.

Sign here please.


Creative Assembly say:

As the purest darkness of a Vampire's soul made manifest, Varghiests are truly the stuff of nightmares. Towering winged beasts, each several times the size of a man, they can be deployed with devastating effect from above to rip battle lines to pieces.

Pip says:

They're kind of ginger vampires who get marinaded in sarcophagi and end up growing wings because that's just what happens when you make undead soup. They're really cross about all of this so they will attack you. It's like when a cat's been shut in the garage by accident and gets fed up.


Creative Assembly say:

Though Vampire Counts have several flying units, it is the Terrorgheist that is the most lethal. This enormous bat-like monster of fang and talon, induces abject terror in all but the most steadfast. It has poisonous attacks that weakens its prey, readying them for slaughter and can even regenerate when wounded.

Pip says:

I think these are giant undead bats who work for the Cool Kings. I don't know what a Cool King is but I guess they're kings who are cool. Before they die their hobbies include "hunting horses" and "other prey" but afterwards they just spend their time shrieking at stuff and being hench.

Adam wrote about this kind of thing in far more detail and with far more relevant knowledge in his Total War: Warhammer, Vampire Counts preview. The basic summary which he gave me just now is: "I enjoyed those bat things when I played it. And the animation when they pluck horses out of a group of units is hilarious and horrible."

So now you know.

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