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Shroom For Improvement: Total Warhammer's Night Goblins

Fanatics and fungi

Total War: Warhammer's [official site] latest reveal shows Night Goblins in action. In this case, 'in action' translates as 'standing around like static models until one of their own kind starts wailing on them with a giant ball and chain'. The culprit is a Night Goblin Fanatic and for today's confession, I declare that the uncontrollable random paths of destruction that those wee fungi-filled blighters tore across battlefields made them my favourite Warhammer units. It was between them and the Doom Divers at any rate. We received confirmation they'd be in the game way back when.

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Fanatics were great in the tabletop Warhammer Fantasy. It's entirely possible that me and my teenage pal didn't interpret the rules correctly, but in our version of the game, they were concealed within a seemingly ordinary squad of goblins, and could be released at any time. Then they'd pinball around the battlefield, destroying whatever stood in their path.

The video explains the drug-induced state responsible for Fanatics behaviour. It doesn't explain whether Squig Hoppers will be in the game. I was initially worried about clicking play in case a load of Spider Riders started crawling all over my screen, but a quick bit of research informs me that spider riders were Forest Goblin units, not part of Night Goblin armies. Which means my mate Ian was mixing and matching his armies without telling anyone all those years ago. Cheating git. That's the kind of subterfuge you can pull off when you're the only person with enough pocket money to buy all of the rulebooks.

The game's due on April 28th.

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