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Untitled Goose Game honking onto Epic this year


Bad news: The delightful stealth prank/bullying waterfowl simulator Untitled Goose Game has nothing new and fancy to show at E3 this year.

Good news: It is still on track to launch on PC this year.

News that will probably make you shout at me because you think I should be more or less shouty about it myself: it'll be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC at launch.

"A little context: House House is a small independent studio that has been operating on a tight budget for years, so a partnership like this gives us a means to make games sustainably for the foreseeable future — in an industry like ours, this kind of stability is huge," the developers said in a Twitter thread.

"We love Itchio and Steam, and are happy to say we'll be bringing our goose to these platforms in future. And to reiterate, it'll also be available on Switch from day one."

Untitled Goose Game will hit Windows and Mac exclusive to the Epic Games Store later this year. Epic tend to buy only one year of exclusivity and the Steam page is still up if you want something to stare at wistfully.

I still love you, goose.

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Disclosure: I know most of House House a bit, having shared an Airbnb with them a few times. I'd like to think I inspired this game by once making one of them eat a giant glob of mayonnaise for my entertainment, but frankly the goose isn't that much of a dick.

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