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Valheim Tar: how to find Tar Pits and harvest Tar for crafting

Where to find Tar for crafting Darkwood items in the Hearth & Home update.

Where can you find Tar Pits in Valheim? Tar is a new resource introduced in Valheim's Hearth & Home update. It's a versatile crafting resource that you'll need before you can make many of the update's new items, including Darkwood furniture and building materials, Raven and Wolf Adornments, and — last but never least — the hot tub.

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Where to find Tar Pits in Valheim

Tar Pits are exclusively found in the Plains biome, which is the fifth and (currently) final biome you should expect to explore in the latest Early Access iteration of the game.

However, before you hare off into one of the most dangerous parts of the map, it's worth noting that Tar Pits won't spawn in any area you'd already uncovered prior to updating the game with Hearth & Home. Valheim's developers have strongly recommended starting a new save to play with the new features, and this is one of the reasons why.

Tar Pits are fairly easy to spot when you come across one. The land in the Plains biome is dominated by golden-green grassland, and Tar Pits stand out as a dark brown spot on the landscape with (of course) a pit of black liquid in the centre.

How to gather Tar in Valheim

Before you can collect any Tar, you might have to deal with some Growths. Growths are a new enemy type that spawn exclusively around Tar Pits, but you may recognise them as they're very similar to the Blobs you fight in the Swamp biome: they have a similar leaping attack and also inflict a Poison effect. The best way to dispatch them is with flaming arrows: Growths are resistant to piercing damage but weak to fire, and it's safer to take them out from a distance rather than letting them surround you. Defeated Growths drop a little Tar, which at least makes up for your trouble.

A Growth's poisoned tar attack bowls over a Valheim Viking, killing him instantly.

Once you've dealt with the Growths, your Tar farming operations can begin in earnest. You can harvest Tar by simply picking it up from resource nodes found around the Tar Pits.

However, there's a way to significantly increase your Tar yield: use a pickaxe to dig a hole nearby, then dig a trench to connect it to the main Tar Pit. The Tar will begin to drain into the new hole and create more nodes along the way.

How to craft with Tar in Valheim

Tar is used to craft the following items in Valheim:

Building Pieces:

  • Carved Darkwood divider
  • Darkwood arch
  • Darkwood gate
  • Darkwood beam 2m
  • Darkwood beam 4m
  • Darkwood pole 2m
  • Darkwood pole 4m
  • Shingle roof 26°
  • Shingle roof 45°
  • Shingle roof i-corner 26°
  • Shingle roof i-corner 45°
  • Shingle roof o-corner 26°
  • Shingle roof o-corner 45°
  • Shingle roof ridge 26°
  • Shingle roof ridge 45°

Furniture and Decorative Items:

  • Darkwood chair
  • Long heavy table
  • Round table
  • Raven Adornment
  • Wolf Adornment

Miscellaneous Structures:

  • Black metal chest
  • Hot tub

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