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Valorant has a great bug where you fuse into other players

Why are they not laughing

Oh, Valorant. If you read my Valorant review, you'll know that the main emotion I associate with it is anguish. Playing in a group is grand, but playing by yourself is miserable, because of the internet. I think that feeling is crystallised in this video, where a bug fuses two players together and they get cross rather than becoming debilitated by laughter.

The culprit is Reyna, the new hero who was added on launch day. She's got an ability that briefly lets her go invisible when combined with her Ultimate ability. Unfortunately, under certain circumstances it also seems to make her... intangible.

[BUG] Reyna's "E" ability during Ult got me stuck onto another player from r/VALORANT

If that happened to me, I'd go to pieces. These chumps barely giggle, though, and are more concerned that being rooted to the same spot will make them lose the round. It totally does, of course, and on one level I sympathise. This is hot bullshit and the scoreline is 8-8, so they're clearly having a close and tense game. But come on. You can see Sage's teeth.

Having played more rounds with humans I like, I'm thrilled to say that Valorant shines when played with friends (or at least friendly people). Fair enough if this isn't the way you roll, but I know my group would have enjoyed this happening to us much more than winning a round. Silliness is worth embracing, even in the middle of a hardcore tactical shooter.

But yeah, I guess it probably would be good if this got fixed soon.

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