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Dontnod's Vampyr rises on June 5

I vant to play your gaaame

Dontnod's vampiric action-RPG Vampyr will launch on June 5th, publishers Focus Home announced today. Vampyr whisk us back to a flu-ridden London in 1918 as a newly-vampirated doctor to do murders, drink blood, and shape the future of the city as we wrestle with moral dilemmas. While Dontnod are best known for Life Is Strange, it's probably more helpful here to remember they're studio behind Remember Me, the 2013 sci-fi action-adventure game. Expect drinking from hearts more than heart-to-hearts; more rending than befriending; less spunk than spookies. Though god knows vampires (sorry, vampyrs) can moan and brood more than even the most troubled of teens.

Today's release date announcement comes from the final part of a dev video doodad series. We've not posted any of them before because ah, there's loads of 'em, we didn't even know when the game was coming, and I'd rather have seen a big hunk of straight gameplay. Now the series is ended and we have a date, go on, let's blast the lot and you can see everything in one go:

Cover image for YouTube video

Cover image for YouTube video

Cover image for YouTube video

Cover image for YouTube video

Vampyr is coming to Steam on June 5th, priced at £45/€50/$50. "I thought it was due in spring?" you might titter, thinking Focus are cloaking a delay. Buddy, on this site we follow the astronomical calendar, where spring runs until June 21st.

Our Adam is currently at the event in Paris where Focus Home announced this date (along with things including The Surge 2 and Chernobyl-y battle royale 'em up Fear The Wolves), so I'm sure he'll return with more to tell us about the game.

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