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Warframe revamps Jupiter in The Jovian Concord next week


The next big update for space-ninja looty shooter Warframe is just over the horizon. The Jovian Concord, previously known as the Gas City Remaster update, is due out next week, although Digital Extremes are a bit fuzzy on what day exactly. It'll bring a complete story-driven rework to one of the free-to-play shooter's earliest environment types (Corpus gas-mining platforms on Jupiter), a new set of enemies, a big honkin' flying monster boss (above) and a new Warframe. Below, trailers looking at the overhauled industrial zones and a peek at the new Warframe's powers.

As covered in my earlier chat with Jovian Concord lead artist Ron Davey, this isn't just a visual rework of the Gas City environments, but updating them to better fit Warframe as it works now. Characters are more agile, dangling cables double as tightropes to run along, and there are opportunities to practice your physics-defying parkour skills on the outer edges of the platforms now. Within the city players will be tussling with Amalgams, a new set of villains from the current Nightwave story arc. Players that have finished the Chimera Prologue story quest will also bump into the Ropalolyst, the first flying Eidolon boss.

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If you're rolling with a party to hunt this big new critter, new Frame Wisp seems like a good pick to lead the group. She can place power-reservoirs which can buff nearby friends or suppress enemies, and while she's hanging in mid-air, she's invisible and less likely to get blatted by giant flying monsters. Her ultimate attack is the most fun-looking though. Sol Gate does exactly what it says on the tin, and opens up a portal to the surface of the sun, which I gather is a bit warm at this time of year. It's a big ol' death beam, and a spectacular room-clearing tool. Praise the sun!

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The update will also include a new Amalgam-heavy game mode called Disruption, set on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. It's an endless survival challenge with a secondary goal of unlocking and protecting power conduits. You collect keys from defeated enemies, unlock them, then guard them. Each one activated will add a random player (or enemy) buff or map hazard to the mix. As per Warframe standard, the Jovian Concord also comes with a few new guns, weapon mods, a set of extra Wisp-themed cosmetic gear, and a new (and very flash) deluxe character skin for Nyx.

The Jovian Concord update (official page here) launches, free, sometime next week. Warframe is free-to-play, and you can snag it direct from Digital Extremes or via Steam. While you're catching up, check out Dave Irwin's guide on hunting the Wolf Of Saturn Six, the big bad boss of the current Nightwave season, only recently revealed.

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