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Warframe Wolf of Saturn Six - how to kill the Wolf

With the first season of Nightwave challenges in Warframe coming to a close, there's only a short amount of time you have left to kill the Wolf of Saturn Six. If you're unprepared, he will find you and he kill annihilate you where you stand. To stand a chance, you need to be prepared on every level.

It may have been a while since you last touched Warframe, perhaps eagerly anticipating this update before diving back in. There's certainly a lot of complexity in this game and this update only complicates things further, so be sure to glance through our Warframe guide to get up to speed before leaping into the new stuff.

There's also our Warframe Nightwave guide as the Wolf of Saturn Six is heavily tied to the Nightwave challenges.

Warframe Wolf of Saturn Six guide

This guide to the Wolf of Saturn Six will show you where to find him, and gives advise on frames that can have a higher chance to beat him. It will also give you tips and mod suggestions.

Wolf of Saturn Six location

In order to fight the Wolf of Saturn Six, you'll first need to find him. He can spawn in much the same way as the other assassins in Warframe - spawning in most missions. It's actually easier to describe the missions where it's guaranteed that he won't appear in. So if you want to find him, don't do any of these types of missions:

  • Standard Missions: Syndicate and Assassination.
  • Game Mode missions: Archwing, Free Roam, and Arena. It also includes Quest and Mastery Test solo-exclusive missions.
  • Relays and Dojos.
  • Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught missions.
  • Any Sortie missions.
  • Missions where another assassin spawns due to being chosen or forced due to the beacons (Grustrag Three for example).

Unlike other assassins, you can't manipulate the spawn appearance with death marks or faction standing. According to the developers, finding the Wolf of Saturn Six will be easier as the Nightwave series approaches its conclusion. It's also dependent on your level, with a lower percentage (around 4% currently) for those below level 20, while above level 20 increases that percentage (to around 6% currently).

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Wolf of Saturn Six Tips

Now you know where to find him, you'll need the correct set of mods and frames in order to stand a chance against this tough foe. Take the following points into consideration when it comes to sorting your build:

  • The Wolf also deals Tau damage.
  • He's not vulnerable to headshots and as of the fourth episode, actually receives less damage.
  • Melee weapons equipped with decent critical damage mods and Blood Rush can take a large chunk of his health away and is scaled with the Melee Combo Counter. This can be more effective with mods that improve your attack speed such as Berserker or the Primed version of Fury.
  • Prioritise weapons with high critical chance and damage, as he's immune to status effects.
  • When considering elements and mods, Radiation damage is the most effective against him, but he's also vulnerable to the "Damage to Sentients" effect on mods.
  • Airborne frames will have an easier time since they can't be hit easily by his melee attacks. Examples include Zephyr's Tail Wind when charged, Titania's Razorwing, and Hildryn's Aegis Storm.
  • He also will not attack or retaliate against any invisible frames. Loki's Invisibility or either of Ivara's Prowl or Quiver's Cloak Arrow are good examples of this. The caveat is that if the Wolf does attack any other target, the invisible player will still take damage.
  • Octavia's Spectres can make this fight rather easy thanks to the Metronome buff, which allows your team to be invisible. The Wolf will prioritise these as targets, so use several to increase the duration of the invisibility.
  • To deal with the Fugitives that spawn alongside the Wolf, you can use Garuda's Blood Altar ability to take them out of the fight for a short time, while healing you.
  • Dread Mirror can also build up its charge and blast the Wolf for a large amount of damage.
  • Nova's Anitmatter Drop absorbs damage and deals it back to the Wolf of Saturn Six. It won't be displayed as Radiation however.
  • You can sneak up on him and back stab him for a chunk of damage.
  • Even though he's immune to any Corrosive moves, the armour can still be stripped by Shattering Impact or Sharpened Claws.

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Wolf of Saturn Six drops

So you're probably wondering what the point of even fighting him even is. Well shockingly, there's some unique loot that's assocaited with the Wolf of Saturn Six and it's limited time loot. Below are all the items that you can obtain from the Wolf of Saturn Six.

Mod Drops

  • Eleventh Storm
  • Fever Strike
  • Molten Impact
  • North Wind
  • Shocking Touch
  • Spinning Needle
  • Target Acquired
  • Tempo Royale


  • Wolf Sledge Blueprint
  • Wolf Sledge Handle
  • Wolf Sledge Head
  • Wolf Sledge Motor


  • Nitain Extract
  • The current region's resources


  • Saturn Six Mask

That's all of the tips we have for the Wolf of Saturn Six, but there's plenty more to discover in Warframe beyond this one assassin boss. Feel free to jump to our Warframe damage types guide to work out how best to use your new-found augmentations. If you're looking for more information about the newest Warframe area, head to our Warframe Fortuna guide to learn how to access it.

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