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Best M60 loadout in Warzone

Keep on target with sustained fire by using this M60 Warzone loadout.

Looking for a strong M60 loadout to bring into Warzone Pacific? The M60 is a generally famous LMG, partially thanks to the Rambo movies, which might put it on your list of guns to use in Warzone. It features the highest headshot damage of any LMG and a hefty 100 round magazine by default, but it's far from being one of the best LMGs in Warzone. The slower rate of fire and and strong horizontal recoil put it at a disadvantage in more than a few scenarios. As such, you'll want to compensate for those weaknesses with the right attachments, Perks, Equipment, and strategies.

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Best M60 loadout in Warzone

Here's the best M60 loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 22.8″ Match Grade
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Stock: SAS Combat Stock
  • Grip: Field Agent Grip

The Agency Suppressor is one of the best options out there for a Muzzle. It offers sound suppression and will improve the effective damage range and bullet velocity for your M60 loadout. Pair that up with the 22.8" Match Grade Barrel for an additional buff to your damage range and you'll have an LMG with excellent range.

You'll then want to capitalize on that range with an optic that lets you seperate the bushes from the bushfighters. The Axial Arms 3x Optic is perfect for that, and offers a clean line of sight on top of its magnification.

While the M60 does benefit from the aforementioned large headshot damage, it's far from a "one shot, one kill weapon." You'll want to hold that trigger down more often than tapping it. Attach the Field Agent Grip to reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil. And don't forget to go prone for even more recoil control before you lay down extended fire if you have the time to do so.

Don't plan on hipfiring the M60 unless you're caught off guard. Most of your chopping will be done while aiming down sight. As such, the SAS Combat Stock is a good option to boost your movement speed so you can peek angles or move while remaining ready to fire at all times.

Secondary weapon

Since the M60 is a mid to long range weapon, you should consider an SMG or something else for close range encounters. The OTs 9 is the current king of SMGs, and should serve you well in situations where the M60 struggles.

You're now ready to rock and roll like Rambo! This M60 loadout will let you supress your enemies with plenty of bullets and punish them with accurate fire if they dare to challenge you. However, keep in mind that the PKM is still the best overall LMG to use. If you'd rather incorporate a different style of gameplay into your routine, check out our Warzone guns tier list to see what the best general weapons are.

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