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Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event: all intel locations and how to find them

How to find all six intel drops and earn that sweet, sweet STG44 blueprint

Looking for all the Secrets of the Pacific intel locations in Warzone’s latest event? Verdansk is going out with a bang, including the new featured event, Secrets of the Pacific. The event’s secret intel locations will introduce players to the next stage of Warzone’s story. Of course, we know you’re here for the sweet rewards, including a blueprint for the STG 44. The event ends on December 8, so time is running out. If you need to quickly track down all six pieces of intel, this guide is here to help.

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Warzone Secrets of the Pacific intel locations

Secrets of the Pacific features six hidden intel locations. These are scattered across Verdansk, and some of them are in fairly high-traffic areas. The challenges don’t have to be done in order, so you can check the drop plane’s route and go for something safely hidden off the main path.

These challenges must be completed in Battle Royale modes; no using Plunder for easy respawns. Once you pick an intel up, you’ll receive a notification and a countdown indicating how many circles you must survive to complete each challenge. Stealth is a big help, but be sure to grab a quality loadout in case you run into trouble.

Completing each challenge will unlock one of the six rewards seen above. Knock out all six to earn an exclusive STG blueprint, available when Caldera releases on December 8. Now, here are all the intel locations for Secrets of the Pacific.

Jailbreak intel in Warzone secrets of the Pacific


Jailbreak is the first challenge, and will unsurprisingly take you to the Verdansk Prison. The interactable intel item is a ping pong paddle perched on a bench in the prison showers. The showers are on the lowest level of the prison, so the quickest way to them is through the sewer entrance on the southwest wall of the prison. Climb up out of the sewer, and look for the bench in a corner of the shower area near the stairs.

On the Air intel in Warzone secrets of the pacific

On The Air

Our next challenge takes us to a building between Promenade and Train Station. Check the minimap in the screenshot above for the exact location. The intel here is a microphone on a stand, leaning against a wall on the ground floor in the northeast corner of the building.

The Fast Food intel location in Warzone Secrets of the Pacific

Fast Food

The Fast Food intel is located in the food court of the western Airport terminal. The burger stand you’re looking for is all the way against the western wall. Interact with the cash register on the left to pick up the intel. The easiest way to get here is from the Airport roof. Shoot out the western skylight to drop right into the food court area.

On Your Feet Intel in Warzone Secrets of the Pacific

On Your Feet

One of the tougher challenges to grab straight off the drop, On Your Feet is found on the ground floor of the Hospital, on a blue bed in the northwest corner of the larger, main building. Despite the easy-to-find location, this intel can be a bit tricky to pick up. Hospital’s central location makes for a popular drop spot on almost any dropship route, so you’re likely to run into trouble. If you look closely at the image above, you’ll even see a gun barrel poking around the corner in the hands of an enemy come to murder your friendly neighborhood guides writer, who is just trying to do his job.

The first Abandoned location in Warzone Secrets of the Pacific


Here’s where things start to get tricky. Abandoned starts simple; head to the mines on the northwestern edge of Verdansk, seen on the minimap above. Go into one of the tunnels and either follow the mine cart tracks down or take the zipline down the shaft on your left. The intel you’re looking for is a box of dynamite; however, it can spawn in a few different locations. Every time I visited the mine I found the dynamite under the table seen above. It is possible that the location is always the same for every player, but I may have just experienced an odd stretch of RNG. Our friends at Eurogamer found the intel next to the yellow barrels under the cart tracks, so check there if the table is empty. If you don't spot it right away, do a lap around the mine until you get the interaction prompt, which has a fairly large range.

A bunker example for Warzone Secrets of the Pacific


The final challenge is simply called Secrets and involves a bit of RNG. There are three World War Two bunkers hidden around Verdansk, east of Boneyard, east of Airport, and south of Array. The entrance to each is hidden in a stack of red containers sitting in an L shape. You can find these easily on your map, like in the example above. Head down the zipline hidden in each to find the bunker. Your target is a group of model warships sitting on a desk.

Unfortunately, the Secrets intel only appears in one bunker each match. If you land at one of the three and come up empty, either grab a vehicle to quickly check the others or quit out and try again. Your best bet is to start at either Array or Airport, as these two bunkers are closer together. This is likely to be the most laborious step, since you’ll need a bit of luck on your side.

That's all for the Secrets of the Pacific event! Be sure to complete all the challenges before December 8, when Verdansk will disappear and Warzone: Pacific Season 1 will begin. Check back often for more guides once Caldera launches. In the meantime, catch up on the current meta with our guide to the best guns in Warzone.

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