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Watch the Foundation devs show me how to play their game competently for EGX Digital

The experts have arrived

It is no secret that I both really love early-access medieval city-builder Foundation, and am also not very good at it. Luckily, I was able to wrangle Polymorph Games' creative director Philippe Dion and community manager Andy Ashton to show me how it's done, in a combined interview and let's play for EGX Online.

Synchronise your watches now, because it'll be streaming at 1pm UK time today (that's 2pm CEST and 8am ET) on I've also embedded the EGX twitch stream below, for when it starts. Because you'll want to be ready, right? Right?

Philippe and Ash give a comprehensive tour of how this grid-less, relaxing city builder works, with Phil peeling back the curtain a little on some of the games that inspired Foundation, and the challenges of development. Since Foundation is still in early access, there's also interesting chat about developing during that and incorporating ongoing community feedback, and Ash shows off some of the amazing buildings and mods that the community has been making. Plus, we get some sneaky details on what's coming in future updates!

This is part of PAX X EGX, a coming together of your favourite physical gaming events to create a nine day digital event. Starting on Saturday the 12th and running through to Sunday the 20th, PAX Online and EGX Digital are putting on loads of livestreams, panels, let's plays, and a big digital show floor for you to explore. Check out the official PAX X EGX site for more, and follow along with Rock Paper Shotgun's coverage with our dedicated PAX-EGX tag.

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