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What are we all playing this weekend?


As I write this it is very, very hot, and I am not dealing with this fact very well. I'm not entirely sure that it is the weekend, actually, because apparently it is now August? I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. It has been March for about ten years now.

Luckily, because time is standing still, we have a lot of time to play all the video games our tiny hearts desire! We have a goodly spread of titles this week, with more than a few being drawn to diddy survival game Grounded. Ants. So hot right now. Like me.

Alice Bee

I'm on a big dose of corticosteroids at the moment, to combat my hideous wasting disease (Crohn's), and consequently I feel fantastic. I'm staying up all night, eating everything I can get my hands on, and generally being a nuisance around the house. I have also returned to Stardew Valley. Those chickens have had it too good for too long in my absence.


Alice0 is in the sea.


Replaying The Outer Worlds for our Bastard Run has made me remember that I quite like Obsidian's games. I also remember quite liking Honey I Shrunk The Kids as a child. Grounded seems like a good fit for this weekend's happy fun video gaming time.


I might give Hellpoint a go and see what it's like. Don't imagine I'll stick with it for long though, as I have a busy weekend of non-gaming stuff ahead of me. It's a sunny weekend so I'll be spending a lot of it outside, while keeping to hand all the hayfever meds I would ever need.


I'm not going to play any games this weekend, because I'm moving house next week. This Saturday and Sunday shall therefore be spent placing all my belongings into boxes or into bins. Does anyone want a single bed frame and two single mattresses?


I downloaded Warframe. I've never played Warframe. It looks a bit like Destiny. Though, knowing Destiny, I can't decide if that puts me off or lures me in. Might just chicken out and play loads of Valorant instead.


I'll be Stranding my way across more of Kojima's postman sim this weekend, as I've finally got to the bit where you can start building all the big motorways. That and, you know, my weekly dose of Animal Crossing New Horizons.


I might not be playing many computer games, because I was burgled last week. It was a whole thing.

Luckily I know an amazing person who's given me an ENTIRE PC (sans non-ancient graphics card), as well as a pretty damn good person who's given me his PS4 copies of the Last Of Us Parts 1 and 2. Take that, crime.


More family visits getting in the way of playing my Flight Simulator preview, although, to be honest, I'd probably only be flying over my parents house anyway. At least this way I get a roast dinner out of it.


Like a feeble 19th century butterfly collector succumbing to another round of Malaria, I've been stricken with Age Of Empires 2 once more, so that's my weekend done for.


I managed to squeeze in about half an hour of Grounded yesterday, and I was completely floored by it (pun very much intended). So I'll likely be playing a lot more of that in the coming weeks. I've also been sucked back into the black hole of Factorio while writing guides for it, so between those two games I'll basically have no time at all for anything. Not even work. Sorry, Graham.


I was planning on continuing with Tropico 2, or perhaps some more Ostriv. But I am tempted to wander the lovely gardens of Grounded, perhaps with an organised effort to map the area in full. I will also be watching the rest of Black Sails, with my heart in my mouth even though I know from history that the slaves will not be freed and the pirates will mostly die. A cruel series that toys with my heart. I love it so.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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