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What are we all playing this weekend?

Hello reader! It has, again, been a hot one, so Alice0 is lucky to still be in the sea this week. I, sadly, am not. I have eggs I need to use up, but anything egg based seems too hot to contemplate right now. Please, won't somebody take these eggs.

You know what else generates heat? My PC, which is why I am loathe to turn it on for any reason that isn't absolutely necessary. Thank God games fall into that category, eh? This week team RPS still has its collective eye trained on Grounded, but we're also still seeing some Death Stranding pop up. Plucky newcomer Fall Guys has made a bold new entry this week, though.

Alice Bee

As if the universe heard me last week, talking about how amazing steroids are, I can confirm that not being able to sleep until 3am every night does take some species of toll on a girl. But I'm going to put the time to use by playing Grounded tonight, since everyone else loves it so much.


Alice0 is still in the sea.


Fall Guys, obviously. It's the first royale-like game I've played where I feel like I might actually win. So, expect me to be back here in a week's time saying I'm playing Fall Guys again and still searching for that win.


I just moved house and don't have internet yet in my new home. I also forgot to put Steam into offline mode beforehand, which means I've limited choice over what to play. So I'll probably just do more unpacking instead.


I'm being dragged away from my PC this weekend to go walk up a mountain, which I am quite looking forward to actually. Will be nice to get my head out of video games for a couple days. Might play some Fall Guys when I'm back on Sunday, though. Well, you know, if the hike doesn't tempt me into Death Stranding.


I'll be building more roads and continuing my postman odyssey in the Death Strandings this weekend. I may not have had any problems getting its Decima Engine-sharing stablemate Horizon Zero Dawn to work on my PC, but I have also played and completed that game before and doing all that dino-hunting once was quite enough. Plus a bit of Animal Crossing, natch. Those August bugs and fishes aren't going to catch themselves...


I can do proper videogames again! I have... hardly taken advantage of this at all, apart from for Fall Guys. It's quickly gotten repetitive, but oh well. Our love burnt all the brighter for its brevity.


Our recent podcast chats have me hankering for some old favourites. I'm in the mood for shattering some robot limbs in Binary Domain, or maybe gorging myself on the absurd excess of Resident Evil 6.


This weekend I'm going to have a go with the new Humankind scenarios, blurt out some Hearthstone matches in the new Wizard School expansion, and then have a stern word with a steel lizard or six in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Aside from Grounded, which is starting to give even Subnautica a run for its money in my Steam survival games library... I was accepted into Humankind's OpenDev last week, and I've been having a blast playing through the various little snippets of the game that have been released so far. At one point in the first scenario my lowly scout unit was surrounded by what can only be described as an organised militia of angry deer; and, against all odds, my scout managed to emerge victorious, littering the nearby mountainside with deer corpses. Humankind, ladies and gentlemen.


Oh god I don't know. Possibly Grounded, and I might even try it in creative mode so I can go for a walk without being eaten. I also got Distant Worlds working after far too much wrangling, so might go back to my space pirate empire. I am down to the last two episodes of my great re-watching of Black Sails, the best historical drama ever, and you should follow suit. I am no longer asking.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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