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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hallo again! I feel like I've just got back from the weekend myself, having taken some time off work for various Festival things, and here we go straight into another weekend. One of my favourite experiences of the past few days was watching a performer move so very very slowly for three hours, with every twitch, flicker of her eyes, and movement so painfully visible (and I mean painful - got me right in the heart and couldn't help but cry, even before she got the snails out). And yet I'm instantly bored if any movement in a video game takes more than three seconds. Without the natural richness and nuance of the real world, the simulation of games falls apart as it slows down. Some clever games use that cleverly but it's tricky to have a medium which pushes a particular pacing. Anyway!

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


I'll be playing Dead Cells and only Dead Cells, because there is only Dead Cells. DEAD CELLS.

Also, if everything goes to plan, you're not going to see me on this website for the next three months. Ta-ra!

Alice Bee

I got caught in very heavy rain last week. My bag leaked, and my laptop got a bit soggy. Since then I've been watching Netflix on my phone, like some kind of proto-human, and alternating that with playing Six Ages. Six Ages is the sort-of-sequel to King Of Dragon Pass that Edwin wrote about. It's very good, but my villagers keep telling me I need more cattle. I don't know how many cattle they'd be happy with. But so far it is never enough.

Alice O

I'm headed down to That England to DJ with Cara at a pal's birthday (n.b. I am not good remotely enough to call in internationally, so the joke's on them) so I won't have much time to play much of anything. Will likely tap away at Holedown on my pocket telephone, once reading on a moving vehicle tires my eyes enough. Though obviously I plan to steal a few precious minutes with my sweet child Majima when I get home.


I will continue to hack the planet in Exapunks and get some sick air in OlliOlli 2. I'm a radical person. I can do a kickflip.


I shall most likely be playing some more of Monster Hunter: World. I've now tracked and beaten the rather fabulous Rathian and starting to delve into the post-game properly. Keep getting chased by a Bazelgeuse that likes to interrupt my hunts, so may get some much needed vengeance at some point. Other than that, the only other game I can foresee playing is possibly Pokemon Go at a friend's housewarming, depending on gym locations of course.


I'm going to return to my Switch and continue with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, because I refuse to accept that I don't like JRPGs. I mean, I love richly detailed worlds, turn-based combat and gratifying levelling systems, so why wouldn't I like JRPGs? I just need to dash myself against the rocks of the genre for a few more dozens of hours and I'm sure I'll eventually land on the beach of enjoyment.


I think I'd like to spend some time trying to get my head around Dead Cells. Although I wonder if it'll just be self-punishment, because these things are always far harder than I tend to find entertaining.

So perhaps I'll spend some more time with Sword Legacy: Omen, to see if that's any cop.


This weekend involves a combination of a friend's wedding and flying out to Gamescom in Cologne, so once again I'll be strong-arming my Switch to help keep me entertained. I finished the lovely, squishy Semblance on my travels last weekend, so I'm looking forward to finally giving Hollow Knight a go this time to see if it's really as good as everyone says it is. If not, I'll probably split my time between more Axiom Verge and persuading myself that no, I really don't need a third copy of Okami HD.


Matt has been fired.


I'm going to a wedding and playing Yakuza 0. The former has more in the common with the latter than you might think: I have to wear a nice suit, there'll be drunken singing, I'll get shaken down for some cash and it'll like end with me punching someone through a giant cake.


This weekend I will be popping a lot of Strawberry Joy because I'm vacationing in sunshiney Wellington Wells! Double rainbows all the way across the sky - all day, every day. Also: must remember to avoid plague victims and overdosing...

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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