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What are we all playing this weekend?


The weather has fooled me. I've been so busy thinking we're in an endless winter that I didn't see May coming. Now it's May, which means it's almost June. Which means it's almost E3. Where did that come from. I should race everyone to book time off after E3 to recover from working stupid hours on Los Angeles time from Scotland. Agh. As tiring as it is, that is still one of my favourite working weeks of the year. No time to faff, just WRITE.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I'm not going to play anything because I'm going on holiday to Ireland. Suck it, non-holiday havers.

Alice L

This weekend I'm planning on doing a lot of gardening, some walking, watching some film about an electric rat, and playing Hellblade for the first time. I know, I'm a bit late to the party, but better late than never, right?

Alice O

I've bought Yakuza Kiwami 2 and... must finish Kiwami 1 first. Then will probably need a short break from fatherhood. Mostly I'm flathunting and trying to eat four years of accumulated pantry so moving will be slightly less hell. I've been organising the cupboardsprawl and found 6kg of canned tomatoes. Luckily there's enough pasta to accomodate so much sauce. I'm going to end up like that fella in Se7en.


I'll be busting noses and giving sage advice in Yakuza Kiwami 2. I had been slowly playing Yakuza 0 in chunks but my review of Kiwami 2 has interrupted that. No matter! I've got momentum in this one now. I need to help my cop pal uncover her past I need to keep Japan safe from war. I need to kick more skeezy political aides across the street. I can go back to the 80s when I'm done.


This weekend is just going to be a light one for games, since I'll have a friend visiting. If there is any time for games, it'll likely be bashing the Leshen in Monster Hunter: World a little bit more to get my Hunter Rank a little higher. Will it finally convince me to play any of the Witcher games? Depends on whether I can afford to play three RPGs that could clock in at around 40 hours each, so probably not. One day though!


I tried Feather last week, a serene game about being a bird, flying around an island and through hoops, for the zen-like pleasure of it. This weekend I'm going to swing to the furthest point away from that game, and try to get into Caves Of Qud. It's a roguelike of Dwarf Fortress-like ambition and I'm curious if it grabs me enough that I'll put up with its interface.


It's more Octopath Traveler for me this weekend. I've finally finished two of the eight Octopaths, but I suspect the other six will require a bit more grinding to get the requisite Octo pal up to a decent level so they don't die instantly as soon as I enter their big boss battle. And if I get tired of that, there's always more SteamWorld Quest to be getting on with as well.


Matt has been fired.


I've been watching the whole of Twin Peaks for the first time, so will probably be doing more of that than gaming - we're into the latter half of season two and it's going deliriously off the rails. It has made me realise how few games have tapped into the series' vibe beyond a superficial visual style; it's as much a parody of the medium as it is a dreamy/groovy mystery. Please recommend any games that properly channel its spirit...


I've been marooned in space all week, playing the new Green Planet DLC for Surviving Mars, and I can't see me making it back to Earth any time this weekend. It would be nice to spend time with my family and stuff, but that big dry rock isn't going to terraform itself. (Seriously, it takes AGES to make Mars nice to live on, and I'm finding it hard to tear myself away from watching the lichen slowly spread. I'm literally spending the weekend watching plants grow.)


As you'd know if you read my Mordhau guide, I found a helmet in Mordhau that looked kinda like Magneto's, and so of course I then spent the next hour and most of my gold attempting to create a medieval Magneto and adorning him with all sorts of fetching paraphernalia. Well, now I've received the 10k gold that everyone's getting as compensation for all the day one technical difficulties, so I guess it's time to blow all that moolah in recreating another colourful character. How about Alan Rickman's Sherriff of Nottingham?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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