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What are we all playing this weekend?


We are waist-deep in the liquid of July and things are starting to coagulate. The air is still, the waves are quiet. There are no colossal games on the charred blockbuster horizon, so this is a bounteous time for the thriving shoals of smaller games. Nipping at our thighs like sea lice. Demanding attention before the winter tsunami eventually comes to kill them all. Give some time to the little ones, yeah?

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I will hopefully finally make a good attempt at finishing Observation, which I started and then did not finish. I suspect it's one of those games that, if I actually play it, will end up on my GOTY of the year lists.

Alice L

I'm going to be playing a little bit of Left 4 Dead 2 this weekend, and then trying to get to the bottom of Outer Wilds. I've played a good few hours of it already, and while I'm not the best at the whole flying thing, I do like being an alien detective. And being an expert super humongous space fish avoider.

Alice O

Alice O is probably in the middle of some ritual lake pilgrimage, may the water crush all who oppose her.


I'm going to give Griftlands a go. It's still in alpha-walpha, so I'm not expecting a long sojourn through its card-based battles. But that suits me. I'll probably also finish off Detroit: Become Human, which is this month's bread-and-circus on PlayStation Plus. It is a car-crash of a tale. But I'm determined to give Connor the Quisling Bot a bad ending.


This weekend will mostly be spent taking on the backlog that I've built up over the years. I think I'll start by finishing Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, before taking on either Mega Man 11 or The Sinking City. Did start the latter a short time ago, but not delved deep enough yet.


I have been too busy "networking" this past week (drinking with old friends) to play anything, and so I do not have a current game to return to. That means I'll either be starting on Outer Wilds, or finally having a go at the sing-along platformer Wandersong. I am quite interested in playing something colourful and uplifting right now.


Is it... is it over? Have people finally stopped launching things at weekends now? Thank our mighty lord Horace. I can finally play video games again, and seeing as how everyone keeps banging on about this excellent Outer Wilds thing, maybe I'll give that a go this weekend to recharge the old brain batteries. And if that proves too much, I've been meaning to give Observation a go, too.


I'm spending my whole weekend in a field playing board games. I've booked Monday off and all, just so I can chill for four straight days at The Strange Games Festival. S'gonna be wild.


Back-to-back trips to Canada and Paris have left me a withered husk, so whatever I play can't be too mentally taxing. I've finally got code for ace-looking Parisian taxi driver/detective mystery, Night Call, so might just tootle around talking to weirdos all night.


I've finally got a weekend completely free for the first time in forever, and I'm feeling a bit paralysed by choice. I'll probably throw an hour or so to each of the long-term strategy campaigns I've got going on (Crusader Kings 2, Battlefleet Gothic, Dominions 5), like chucking sardines to placate a bunch of seals. But I also feel like taking on a big meaty RPG. Perhaps it's finally time for Mass Effect?


I foresee myself being pulled in about four different directions this weekend by four different games. There's the usual Mordhau and now Dota Underlords that's taking up all my time... But I also want to have a go of Klei's new game Griftlands... and I'm heading to the family home this weekend so we'll undoubtedly continue our episodic crawlthrough of Return of the Obra Dinn as a family. Life is good and filled with games.


Every week I wondered how on earth the RPS regs could forget to tell us what they'd be playing this weekend. It has taken two weeks for me to (a) forget and (b) remember just in time but have no actual plans. The poison works fast. I think perhaps We: The Revolution. Frankly anything I can shout "guillotiiiine" at is probably a winner.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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