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What are we all playing this weekend?


This weekend is a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so we'll be away on Monday then return on Tuesday. See you then! In the meantime: go outside.

Some will tell you that autumn begins next weekend. Do not listen. We have weeks of summer left. Weeks! Get out there and enjoy it. I don't care if it's overcast, rainy, or whatever, you get out there and enjoy the summer. I cannot recommend strongly enough: get in the sea. The summer jellyfish bloom is still going on round my way and they're beauties alright. I don't even really notice the stings anymore.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

It's my dad's birthday this weekend, so I will be playing the game of making small talk with late middle aged and elderly people who you're almost certain voted for Brexit, but cannot ask outright.

Alice L

You might think "Alice has been at Gamescom since Monday, isn't she all gamed out?" Well, the answer to that is: maybe. But this weekend I'm hanging out with friends and playing some co-op goodies like Portal 2. I'll also probably pop into The Sims 4 for a bit to see how that new Moschino stuff pack fares. It's had relatively decent reviews so far for the buy and build items, and many of the Game Changers were pleasantly surprised by what they saw. Here's hoping!

Alice O

Dicey Dungeons is lovely, isn't it? I do very much like how this roguelikelike dungeon-crawler uses a ubiquitous RPG resource in new ways, fiddling with and cheating the dice to different ends. Usual ideas of 'good' rolls are upended as I find myself desperate for a three or cursing double sixes. Banging soundtrack and all.


Astrid is on holiday.


Brendan is on holiday.


This bank holiday weekend, I'll be doing just about everything to not play video games - for the most part. I'll be watching a film tonight, then going to a party Saturday, visiting a new dog on Sunday, and having a nice relaxing day on Monday. I may try to sneak in some arcade games on Monday; I can't resist them if I see them.


I finished A Short Hike on Thursday, and so I'm once again free to squeeze and sniff a shelf of new games to find one that seems ripe. I've installed Cliff Empire, that scifi-lookin' citybuilder about constructing a metropolis atop obelisks in the sky. If that doesn't get its hooks into me, I'll try roll-and-slashing through some Dicey Dungeons.


I won't be playing anything this weekend as I've taken the outrageous decision to go on holiday again. Just a couple of extra days to make the most of the bank holiday, mind, but it does mean I'll be without my PC for the whole weekend. I do, however, have Stephen's Sausage Roll waiting for me at home, which I've just bought over on Humble for less than a fiver. Yum.


Matt is on holiday.


I've gorged myself on three days of Gamescom so am going for a gaming detox in the Cotswolds. If any of the locals try to give me a 20 minute game pitch, I riot.


I think I had plans to play all sorts of things this weekend, but now they've all been kicked out the window by Wilmot's Warehouse. It's a really lovely looking puzzle-ish game about a little fellow who needs to organise loads of blocks, and despite being ostensibly in a genre I'm not usually tempted by, something about it appeals to my love for taxonomy and systematisation. I WANT TO STACK THE SQUARES.


Ollie is on holiday.






But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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