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What are we all playing this weekend?


Ah, what a lonely weekend. Most the gang are away down in that London for EGX, and our Brendan has bid us farewell. Video games. Video games can provide comfort.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I'm probably going to keep playing Noita, which is fitting because we Can't Stop Playing it this month. It is seasonally appropriate because 'noita' means 'witch'.

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing lots of games whilst am at EGX. Some will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel, others will potentially make an appearance later on down the line. I'll also be hosting a panel about Planet Zoo during my time at EGX which is exciting!

Alice O

I've got a lot to do this weekend but want to sack it all off and get in the sea. The serene mushroom-foraging of Morels: The Hunt might keep me calmed and indoors long enough to finish everything. I've been saving it all week, so let's go.


This weekend, I'm going to be playing Noita with keeper of the RPS video dungeon, Matthew Castle, on the EGX Live Stage. He thinks it's properly hard and is expecting to be frustrated, and I can't wait for him to be frustrated, because it's quite funny.


I am leaving the RPS treehouse on a grand adventure this weekend. And part of that adventure is to play Disco Elysium without having to worry even a tiny bit that I ought to be writing words about it. What wonders await. Goodbye, pals! Trust in the Alices. Goodbye!


This weekend I'll be playing Grandia HD Remastered. It's a game I've wanted to come out for over a year now, and even mentioned it in a Have You Played in anticipation of it. Played a small part of it so far and it seems mostly like a good remastering. Just wish the camera didn't judder so much...


Still Noita, which continues to surprise me. Every time I think I've worked out a rule of the generation or world structure, it surprises me with some new zone, route, creature. Yesterday I found my first world that had been ravaged by a giant worm, leaving streaking paths through the geometry. I felt distant rumbling but never met it.


I'm trapped at EGX this weekend, so I'll be gobbling up as many tasty indie games as I possibly can. I'm hoping to have a go on the FFVII Remake, too, but the queue is currently backed up until 'the end of time', so maybe not.


I'm currently a loser with no wi-fi, which means I am trapped with Switch-based Fire Emblem or just staring at the sea, which I now live next to. The sea is nice. I wish someone round here had told me.


EGX this weekend, so will be playing ten minute bursts of lots of things. The queue for Marvel's Avengers is two hours long, which is enough time to play at least ten (probably more interesting) things in the Rezzed section. Those fools!


This weekend I'm going to be playing a LOT of Paradox games, cos I'm at PDXCON in Berlin. I'm particularly up for the m e g a g a m e on Sunday, which I can't quite comprehend yet but seems to be something between CK2 and a LARP, played by 250 people over a LAN for about 8 hours. I intend to become pope.


Say what you will about Mass Effect 3, but its multiplayer horde mode was absolutely on point. I don't know why I've never decided to delve into Andromeda's multiplayer before now, because I knew that it would just be more of the same, with more fluid movement and punchier guns. And, as expected, I've been having a fantastic time. The only downside is that I was "lucky" enough to unlock two hilariously overpowered ultra-rare pistols early on, and now there's really no point at all in using any other weapon, ever.


I will be playing Sleep. And probably Freeman and AI War 2. Also I have finally kicked my coat/jacket buying habit, so it's now fine to celebrate by going out and buying another five.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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