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American Truck Simulator Rolling Out Today, Early

Hammer down

Get a flask of coffee brewing, brush up on your CB slang, find an empty plastic bottle, and stop listening to me spouting rubbish. Here, you might instead enjoy these photos from inside truckers' cabins. Or you can go on your own trucking adventure sooner than expected. American Truck Simulator [official site] was due to launch tomorrow, but developers SCS Software have decided they'll launch it later today instead. It'll save them from staying up super-late, see, and American Truck Simulator does teach it's important to stay well-rested.

SCS explain the shift:

"We were thinking of unleashing the game at midnight Prague time. However, going through all the release process late at night and staying on alert for a while after the game gets out to see if no hot-fixing is needed immediately takes some hours. The release crew would not get to bed before 4 am."

Tsk tsk, that wouldn't do. Instead, they'll release it this evening (European time, so it'll be in the afternoon American time). Given that the download is only one gigabyte (or my pre-release preview build is, anyway), you should have time to snag it and pootle around for a bit before it's time for beddy-byes. Yes, codes from boxes copies should start working at the same time.

While Alec headed to the lands of big skies and dry soil, I started my American Truck Simulator adventure in North California. I was trying to hit the forests as soon as possible, of course. And... I was a bit disappointed. It's really not good at forests. I made the mistake of looking at the real-world equivalents of roads I'd driven down and their trees were so much taller, so much closer to the road, and their surroundings far more dramatic. Ah well! The barren bits Alec explored do look nice, though, and the initial release includes California and Nevada (Arizona will follow later for free) so it does have plenty of that scrubby stuff.

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