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Kingdom Come: Deliverance rides out in February 2018

My kingdom for a Warhorse

Kingdom Come: Deliverance [official site], the swish-lookin' real-world medieval RPG from Warhose Studios, will arrive on February 13th, 2018. It's the tale of a lowly blacksmith's son in 14th century Bohemia (the Czech Republic, for younguns) who gets caught up in a civil war after his village is massacred. Here, a new trailer celebrating today's announcement gives a look at how that story kicks off:

As you can see, it's almost exactly like The Witcher but without wizards, a Grand Theft Auto prequel set 600 years prior, a Mass Effect prequel set 800 years prior, or Dwarf Fortress with fancier pictures but without the building, the management, the simulation, and the dwarves.

Kingdom: Come Deliverance boasts of an open world ranging from mountains and forests to villages and castles, a non-linear story with multiple quest solutions, a dynamic world, and other things which sound exciting as feature bullet points. It's a big dream but it's certainly looking good in trailers. And obviously we'll get to murder men in a variety of ways with a variety of weapons.

Also, Brian Blessed is in it.

Warhorse Studios were founded by Daniel Vávra, the writer and director of the first Mafia (though also the writer of the second). The novel, movie, and stage play based on their story are bewilderingly different from this reality.

Kingdom Come's Kickstarter in 2014 pegged its release for the end of 2015 release but, er, that's Kickstarters for you.

Premilinary system requirements are up on Kingdom Come's new Steam page, for those who are keeping an eye on this and contemplating an upgrade. Those specs may change over the ten months, mind.

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