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When Does Sid Meier's Civilization 6 Unlock?

And where is the RPS review?

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is almost upon us, and reviews are going up across the internet. Ours will be along later - you can read Adam's impressions based on a week with the game in the meantime - but you might also want to know when it's going to unlock in your timezone. When can you finally lay your hands upon the sexy hexes once more? Find out below.

Firaxis split the release into three zones. Here are the times:

  • Zone 1 is Oceania and South East Asia: 3am Australian Daylight Time.
  • Zone 2 is Europe, Africa, Russia, Greenland and the Middle East: 12am British Summer Time
  • Zone 3 is Canada, USA, and South America: 12am Eastern Time

Firaxis have the details themselves along with this handsome map:

As well as links to some countdown clocks, so you can see exactly how long there is to go until the game unlocks in Europe and what time that will be in eg. Germany.

While you wait for our review, you can also read Adam's Civilization 6 diary, which examines the game in more detail while attempting to conquer/survive as Japan.

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