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Your favourite gaming mouse is down to £37 today

That's almost back down to its Black Friday low of £35

Your favourite gaming mouse of all time, the Logitech G502 Hero, is currently going cheap as part of Amazon UK's Spring sale. its price has dropped by £15 today, taking this normally £52 gaming mouse down to £37. That's not quite as low as its previous Black Friday price of £35, but it's pretty darn close.

The G502 Hero is a fantastic gaming mouse for the money, offering loads of customisation thanks to its 11 programmable buttons, as well as a comfy (if rather pointy) shape and design. It's one of the best gaming mice you can buy today, and the black and white SE (or Special Edition) model on sale today is arguably the best looking one of the lot.

The G502 Hero is far from the only Logitech mouse on offer today, though. Their stupidly good value G203 Lightsync has also received some tasty savings today, with the fetching purple and blue models now down to just £24. That's a saving of £11 off their usual price, and the lowest price the puple model has ever been, according to my Amazon price tracker. The white version did drop to an even more tantalising £20 during Black Friday, all told, but today's deal price for the infinitely cooler and more colourful ones still isn't far off in the grand scheme of things.

Those after a cheap wireless mouse would also do well to take a look at Logitech's G305 Lightspeed, which has dropped from £43 down to £30, while their flagship G903 Lightspeed wireless mouse currently has £30 shaved off its usual price to take it down to a new all-time low of £62. Alas, you don't get its self-charging PowerPlay mouse mat with this particular deal (that will set you back another £87), but that's still a great price for one of the best wireless gaming mice around.

Indeed, my current favourite wireless mouse - the super lightweight Logitech G Pro Wireless still goes for £91 at the moment, making the G903 Lightspeed a much better buy overall. After all, both mice are ambidextrous, making them great picks for righties and lefties alike, and the G903 Lightspeed has the added bonus of letting you remove some of its side buttons so they don't get in the way of your fingers. The G903 also has more buttons generally than the G Pro Wireless, and up to 140 hours battery life with its RGB lighting (or an incredible 180 hours without). The G Pro Wireless, on the other hand, only lasts 48 hours with RGB lighting, or 60 hours without. Provided you can get over its gamery design, I think you'll agree the G903 Lightspeed is a pretty great bargain at this price.

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