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American Truck Simulator- Wyoming gears up for the long haul tomorrow

Long roads, tall rocks, and big industry

American Truck Simulator is continuing to chart the west as it heads to Wyoming tomorrow. The newest expansion takes you through ten cities in the big, open Equality State. There are jobs to haul across all sorts of industries, as ever, and quite lot of sights to stop and gander at. Along with the DLC's launch tomorrow, SCS Software are challenging players to really put some drive time in over the next couple months to earn some in game cosmetics themed after the new state. You'll be able to hit the open Wyoming roads tomorrow, September 7th.

As for what's local to the Wyoming roads, "you’ll have the opportunity to participate in some of its key industries, transporting cargoes such as livestock and agriculture products, as well as materials that support the rail, mineral, mining, and chemical industries," SCS say. "Wyoming also offers plenty of new viewing platforms, designed with bespoke cinematic cutscenes, highlighting the attractions of that area."

You can catch a bit of the arid open road down here in the second trailer for the Wyoming DLC.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmerican Truck Simulator: Wyoming DLC - Gameplay Video #2

If you, like me, likely won't ever make it to Wyoming, you can do a bit of digital tourism while on your job routes. There's the national forest park in the Bighorn Mountains, the Grand Teton national park, the mesa-like Devils Tower—which is apparently actually called a butte—and the Hell's Half Acre. I never realised there was so much fire and brimstone in landmark names out west.

To celebrate the launch of the Wyoming DLC, SCS are hosting a community event and setting goals for unlocking a couple cosmetics. As a personal goal, you can drive a 100+ mile job to or from each of the ten Wyoming DLC cities to earn that bison truck paint job up top there. They're also challenging the entire community to drive 80 million miles to or from Wyoming cities to collectively snag a bison truck ornament to hang in your windshield. Those are both to be completed in the next two months by November 7th. The rest of the event details are over on SCS's website.

By the by, American Truck Sim recently added official multiplayer support for convoys up to eight players. SCS have also already announced what's on the itinerary after Wyoming. American truckers will get the chance to head to Texas in the next DLC.

American Truck Simulator - Wyoming launches tomorrow, September 7th over on Steam.

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