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American Truck Simulator: Wyoming's second trailer is a soothing drive

Oh yes, I'm going

I used to watch a lot of trucking videos on YouTube. I'm not into big rigs, but the quiet drives through beautiful scenery made for great background viewing. So it is with the latest trailer for American Truck Simulator, which presents 20 minutes of quiet driving around Wyoming, the destination of its next expansion.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmerican Truck Simulator: Wyoming DLC - Gameplay Video #2

This is the second video of the DLC, showing a different route than the one from last month. It's similarly beautiful, though. I know next to nothing about Wyoming, but there are great, open vistas in the video above, with seemingly very few towns or even buildings breaking up the scenery.

It shows the same attention to detail as all of American Truck Simulator, of course. I'd recommend the game on the strength of its indicator-clicking-off sound effects alone.

There's no release date on the expansion yet, but it'll make American Truck Simulator's map bigger yet again. It's not the only way SCS Software have been expanding the game - they also added multiplayer for up to 8 players in a recent free patch.

While Wyoming has been a long time coming, we already know that SCS will be tacking the giant state of Texas next. For now you can see more screenshots of the Wyoming DLC on Steam.

The only thing I do know about Wyoming is from this pretend musical from the end of 20-year-old American Express advert starring Jerry Seinfeld and an animated Superman. "Oh, yes! Wyoming! With the trees and the horses and the rocks and the sheep / Oh, yes! I'm going" has been stuck in my head ever since.

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