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Anthem Sigils: Unlocking Sigil slots, crafting Sigils, how to unlock Gear Sigil blueprints

Sigils in Anthem are not very well explained. They're one-time consumables that are rewarded to you for increasing your standing with each of the three factions, and you can make more of them before the start of each mission. While they're not the most necessary item to have before a mission, they're vital for any endgame or Stronghold missions. This guide will go over everything you need to know about Sigils in Anthem.

Looking for help with missions, or how to get to grips with navigation in Anthem? Be sure to check out our Anthem guide for everything you need to know about Bioware's latest space adventure. One of the necessary things you need to have plenty of for late game challenges are Sigils. These consumable items give pretty hefty buffs as you obtain rarer types, but you need to remember to craft and equip them. See what you'll be up against in our Anthem Strongholds and Anthem Endgame guides respectively.

Anthem Sigil guide

Player currently has one sigil slot unlocked out of three. The unlockable levels are displayed.

Unlocking Sigil slots

You unlock new Sigil slots after levelling up your character. Our guide to Anthem Pilot and Javelin levels should be able to help you further in your quest to unlock more slots for each of them. These are the levels required to unlock the Sigil slots:

  • First Slot - Level 10
  • Second Slot - Level 20
  • Third Slot - Level 30

About to harvest a plant which may contain an ember.

Crafting Sigils

Once you have the Sigils slots, you'll need Sigils to fill them. In order to make them though, you need to build up your standing with each of the factions (how to do that is in our Anthem Factions guide). By completing missions, contracts, and socialising with people in Fort Tarsis, you'll raise the rank of your reputation with each of the three factions, which in turn grants you a few unlockables. Among these are the Sigils, which are then crafted via the Consumables option in the mission select screen, accessed by interacting with your Javelin.

To make them means you need materials, namely Embers. These are mostly found by journeying out into the world and scavenging plants and materials, as described in our Anthem Crafting guide. You can also guarantee which rarity you obtain by scavenging weapons of that colour - so blue weapons will always yield one Rare Amber.

How to unlock Gear Sigil blueprints

While the regular Sigils may be relatively straightforward to obtain, the Gear Sigils are far from easy. These are special Sigils that enhance your gear for your Javelin, giving them a temporary buff for use in your current mission. They're somewhat valuable in the harder challenges as a result. There are four types in the game:

  • Fire Sigil
  • Ice Sigil
  • Lightning Sigil
  • Acid Sigil

To unlock them, you need to complete the Stronghold Master challenges - which are all based on completing Stronghold missions (look at our Anthem Strongholds guide for tips). Each tier gives an increasing rarity of Gear Sigil blueprint:

  • Stronghold Master Level 1 - Uncommon Gear Sigils
  • Stronghold Master Level 2 - Rare Gear Sigils
  • Stronghold Master Level 3 - Epic Gear Sigils

Sigils are just one thing you can obtain and if you're going to survive the Strongholds, you need to have the right equipment - particularly if you're checking out Grandmaster difficulties - so you may wish to consider looking at our Anthem loot guide. It may also be worth checking out our Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires guide in order to ensure that you get past this rather tedious part of the game.

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