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Assassin's Creed Odyssey adds level scaling options and new adventures across January

An all-you-can-eat Greek buffet

The sprawling Grecian world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey continues to grow, with free new features, stories and a run-in with "Greece's most scandalous poet" due this month. On January 15th they're also continuing their season pass story arc with the second episode of Legacy Of The First Blade. While some of the free stuff is undeniably cool (or hot, in the case of a volcano-dwelling cyclops), probably the most useful addition is a set of new level scaling options to let you tune enemy stats. A video overview of the new stuff lurks below.

As of an update on the 10th, players will be able to tune just how aggressively the game scales the combat to their level. There's no way to turn it off altogether, but on Light and Very Light scaling modes, you'll often be fighting enemies 2-4 levels below you. On Normal there's no changes, but the 'Heavy' level scaling option intrigues me. The official update page says that it makes "all enemies remain at your level". I'm curious if includes scaling down to the player as well. Scaling options are disabled on Nightmare difficulty, because you're meant to be suffering if you chose that.

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Free quest-wise, there's two Lost Tales Of Greece on the way. Ubi describe the first - Daughters Of Lalaia - as like a Greek version of The Seven Samurai, with you training a village to defend itself against bandits. Not due until late January, Poet's Legacy promises the chance to get tied up in the "increasingly risque" performances of Greece's sauciest poet, which sounds like a fun time. The new Mythical Creature of the month is volcano-dwelling cyclops Arges, and beating him up (poke him in the eye?) can earn you the Hammer of Hephaistos weapon, which certainly sounds impressive.

As past updates have increased the level cap, January is also adding two new tiers of Mercenary enemies to hunt and a new high-level merchant who'll let you upgrade engravings to tiers 6 and 7. Good stuff for players that like big numbers that get bigger over time, but it seems like the new level scaling options are for those who'd rather just enjoy their newfound power to stab everyone. Cosmetic-wise, there's outfits inspired by Dionysos and Athena on the way, with their own special weapons, and Aya from Assassin's Creed Origins unlockable as a Legacy Lieutenant. Just don't put her and Bayek on the ship together or it might be awkward.

Despite a glut of free time over the holidays, I've still only had a chance to dabble in AC Odyssey, and at the rate they're adding new quests I'm not sure if I'll ever catch up. January's updates begin on the 10th, including the new level scaling options, with patches continuing through the month. Check out the full January update notes here. If you don't have the game yet, check out Alice Bell's Assassin's Creed Odyssey review , and if you have it and this is still all Greek to you, check out Dave Irwin's collection of guides.

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