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Assassin's Creed Valhalla adding new river raids and nightmare difficulty

Title update 1.3.1 lands Tuesday

If raiding and pillaging your way through England was just a little too breezy for you in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, here's a new challenge for your Eivor. Valhalla's next title update is inbound tomorrow, bringing a new "Aesir" (nightmare) difficulty level. The update is also adding new river raid missions and extra tattoo options. That's all coming in update 1.3.1 tomorrow, September 7th.

Three new river raids are inbound, set in Erriff, Berbha, and Rhine. Along with that, you'll be able to upgrade your Jomsviking Hall and your river raid longship cargo size to higher levels. Three new abilities will be found in monestaries during river raids as well.

Back when it launched last November, Alice B said in her Assassin's Creed Valhalla review that the river raids were good fun. "You and your mates run around yelling, bashing people with heavy sticks and trying to take as much ground as possible," she said. "Combat is fast and often confusing, with blocking and parrying returning and given more importance than ever."

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The other big addition is the new highest difficulty level called "Aesir". Ubisoft go over the changes and it mostly comes down to taking more damage and healing less. Here's the particulars, if you're into nightmare modes:

  • +200% damages received
  • Standard damage inflicted
  • -40% rations heal
  • -38% Parry timing windows

Along with those changes, there are a list of bug fixes and improvements, including to the new Siege Of Paris DLC. You can catch the details in Ubisoft's post.

By the by, you can also swing through to hear about the DLC in Matthew's Siege Of Paris review. He quite liked the Hitman lite infiltration missions and had praise for its story as well. "If anything, The Siege of Paris’ run of strong missions and knottier story feels like what Valhalla probably should have been in the first place; a tantalizing glimpse of a better game penned into an eight hour DLC," he says.

Ubisoft recently gave an update on their post-launch roadmap for Valhalla. There's yet another title update and that historical discovery tour mode planned for this autumn.

Title update 1.3.1 is coming as a 26.49GB update for PC players tomorrow, September 7th.

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