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Back 4 Blood open beta coming in August

It's basically a new Left 4 Dead

As well as the announcement of a new co-op FPS from Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek's new studio, the Summer Game Fest stream today brought news of Back 4 Blood, the new co-op FPS from the studio who originally created L4D. Back 4 Blood's open beta will run August 12-16, publishers Warner Bros. confirmed today, with a chance for "early access" if you pre-order or get lucky The recent closed alpha looked decent, from what I saw on streams, so I'm certainly game to batter some zombies.

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That there new trailer is also from the Summer Game Fest.

The proper open beta will run August 12-16, the beta site explains, preceeded by an unopen "early access open beta" running August 5-9. You can sign up on the site for a chance to get into that closed section. You also get early beta access if you pre-order, but don't pre-order. Never pre-order. You know better.

An FAQ explains that the open beta will have five characters, two cooperative PvE missions, two PvP maps, and "the ability to explore Fort Hope." Cross-platform play will be enabled too.

Back 4 Blood is due to launch October 12th on PC, PlayStations, and Xboxes. Like many games, it was slowed and delayed by the pandemic. It's made by Turtle Rock Studios, the folks who originally created Left 4 Dead before joining up with Valve to finish it.

I do find it funny that only last month, our Graham was disappointed that Back 4 Blood's characters look to lack L4D's personality. Now one of the people responsible for that personality has a co-op FPS which maybe doesn't look as solid as B4B but goes harder on personality. The Anacrusis, as that game's called, does sound an awful lot like L4D but set on a spaceship. Hey, I'm game for both!

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